Part 11 - Time-Limited Events

Boss Raid :spider: :spider_web:

Boss Raid: Boss Raids are limited-time events in which Heroes and Guilds take on Azuhul the Spider Queen and her spider broodlings in two separate modes. Unless otherwise stated, Boss Raids is live once per month and last from Friday to Monday. Each level in both Solo and Guild modes has a damage timer, which resets after different time periods depending on its place in the journey.

Solo Raid: Solo Raid is a single player PvE event in which a player can play through up to 82 different levels. Each level attempt costs 1 Torch. Torches can be claimed over time for free or can be purchased for Gems. Players must collect Green Torches from Solo Raid in order to be able to participate in the Guild Event.

Guild Event: Starting one day after Solo Raid, Guild Events involve Guilds of up to 30 players working to complete 30 levels against Azuhul the Spider Queen. Each entry into a level costs one Green Torch for each player.


Scrolls are special Spells used exclusively in Boss Raid. Like Torches, they are given out every 3 hours, when a player can claim them for free. They can also be purchased for Gems.

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Last Hero Standing :muscle:

Last Hero Standing is a PvP event mode that pits 8 Heroes against one another in head-to-head battles. The Hero who manages to keep their Portal standing and outlasting all other opponents is declared the winner and is rewarded with the top amount of Skull Tokens that put you further on the milestones towards great rewards!

If there is an odd number of Heroes remaining, the Hero with the lowest damage dealt is taken to the Bonus Stage, where they are given the chance to increase their damage boost.

In each Last Hero Standing battle, damage dealt in battles accumulates and is put towards Damage Boosts.

The higher the Skull Token count you earn, the better the ranking on Leaderboards and featured rewards!

Colossus Awakening :facepunch:

Colossus Awakening is a PvP event mode in which 2 players compete in one-off rounds to take control of and deliver a lone golden Crystal Colossus to the opposing player’s Portal.

Players gain control of the Colossus by dealing damage to it. Once sufficient damage is dealt, the Colossus changes hands and grows stronger.

Delivering the Colossus to the opponent Portal immediately ends the game, with the winner gaining on the Event milestone track.

Capture The Flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

Capture the Flag is a PvP event mode where 2 players compete to secure the opponent’s flags. The first player to bring two back to a home Portal, or the player with the most flags collected when the timer expires, is declared the winner.