Part 10 - Currencies & Resources


  • gold resized
    Gold is used for buying and upgrading Minions and purchasing items from the Shop. You get gold from Chests, won battles, Boss Raid events and Challenges. You can also buy it in the Shop.

  • gem1 resized
    Gems are used for buying Gold, Chests, Offers and to speed up Battle Chest unlock. You get Gems from Victory Chests, certain Challenges and Battle Arena milestones and you can buy them from the Shop.

  • ferrum
    Ferrum is a social currency used to buy cards from the Shop and speed up Battle Chest unlocking. You get Ferrum from the following social activities - inviting friends to the game as your referrals and having them reach certain milestones, as well as by donating cards in the guild and sending daily Ferrum gifts to your in-game friends. Some events like Boss Raid occasionally grant you Ferrum.

  • trophy
    Trophies are gained by winning in Battle Arenas and allow you to progress on the Battle Arena milestone. Each win brings a certain amount of trophies depending on the opponent’s trophy count and Arena, while getting defeated deducts a certain amount of trophies from your current trophy count.

  • glory-1 resized glory-2 rsized glory-3 resized
    Glory is used to collect Ascension Points which can be used to ascend your Minions in the Tower of Ascension. You can earn a maximum of 60 Glory per day through Battle Arenas and Campaign. Earn more Glory by winning battles across all Game Modes and Events.

  • Phoenix Token
    Phoenix Tokens can be earned by playing Last Hero Standing, Colossus Awakening and Capture the Flag. They can also be earned by progressing through Battle Arenas and by completing Quests and Challenges.


  • arcana
    Arcana runes is the resource used to power up common and rare Minions from the Arcana world.

  • realm
    Realm runes is the resource used to power up common and rare Minions from the Realm world.

  • void
    Void runes is the resource used to power up common and rare Minions from the Void world.

  • mythic
    Mythic runes is the resource used to power up mythic Minions.

  • mega resized
    Mega runes is the resource used to power up epic and legendary Minions. You get mega runes from chests.

  • Note: You can collect these from chests. Higher level arena chests offer the chance to get even more runes and Minions.


  • spell-rune
    Spell runes - is the resource used to unlock and level up all Spells.

  • hero-essence resized
    Hero essence - is the resource used to level up all Heroes.

  • Note: You get Spell runes and Hero essence in Campaign and Boss Raid events.


  • forging-dust resized
    Forging Dust is used to level up Equipment and Artifacts. Collect Forging Dust from Campaign and from selling your Equipment and Artifacts.


  • orb resized
    Orbs is the resource used to instantly claim rewards from already completed Campaign battles.

  • candle resized
    Candles is the resource used to play Campaign battles. They recharge over time.

Boss Raid specific:

  • scroll-fire resized
    Scorching Ray scroll deals 1150 damage to all three lanes.

  • scroll-freeze resized
    Freezing Wind scroll freezes enemies in all three lanes for 7.5 seconds.

  • scroll-wind resized
    Dispelling Wind scroll speeds up movement and attack speed of all ally Minions by 50% for 5 seconds.

  • Tourch_Red resized
    Solo Torches are used to enter the Solo Raid. You get free Solo Torches over time and they can be purchased with gems.

  • Tourch_Green resized
    Guild Torches are used to enter the Guild Raid. You get Guild Torches from Solo Raid milestones.

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