Part 1 - Heroic Intro & Getting Started πŸ“–


Heroic - Magic Duel is a free-to-play PvP & PvE mobile battle game from Nordeus. Build up an army of Minions, choose from a variety of Heroes and face off in a variety of game modes to earn complete domination through Arenas all the way to the top of the Tower of Ascension.

Players assume the role of one of currently 5 Heroes. In battle, players get to play cards from their deck comprised of 12 Minion cards and 2 Hero-unique Spells (and corresponding Equipment) as they aim to bring down their opponent’s Portal.

The game was globally launched on July 4th, 2019. It supports 15 languages in-game: English, Arabic (EG), Traditional Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish (ES), Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Getting Started

Players build and expand their collections of Minions, Spells and Items by unlocking them from chests and through playing different game modes. Chests are earned from winning competitive PvP battles in the Battle Arenas section, and are also available for sale in the shop.

Using a combination of Minions and Spells, players must defend their Portal from opposing enemies. The first player to destroy the Portal of their opponent is declared the winner. In the event that no Portal is destroyed before time runs out, the battle enters Overtime, at which point both Portals begin taking incremental damage until a winner is declared.

With each victory, Players collect Trophies to help advance their progress along the Battle Arena Milestones.

By leveling up your Collection you gain experience, which goes towards increasing Player Account Level. With increases in player levels comes improved Portal Strength.

The Campaign consists of 5 books, where players play through 250 total PvE levels. Players unlock the ability to use different Heroes by progressing through the Campaign, and also unlock Equipment and Artifacts, which are used in PvE and PvP battles respectively.