Over Powered Vengeful Constrict

Dear Devs,

A few of my friends deleted the game after this minion called Vengeful construct released.

many changed their guild, in which they were in a long time, to get this card.

Still there is no hope left against this minion.
Don’t u think it is very over powered against most of cards
even viper can’t kill it and restrict damage to portal.
I don’t find better feelings now…

Atleast freeze or stun spells must stop the health regeneration for god sake. (like soul leech)

Thanks, :no_mouth:

I hope you guys have data which particular minion has high win rate… :roll_eyes:

Hi Rahul, appreciate this message. We make sure to monitor the Minion performance as well as your feedback, and take both into account when doing balance patches, so thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us. Similar to Magic Construct, his special ability doesn’t get blocked by stuns nor freezes, but it is an interesting idea. Anyhow, we’ve passed your comments along and we’ll keep you posted on future balance changes.


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