OP minion/card or spell

In my opinion Undead Warlord is little bit OP. Bc you can’t counter him with single high dmg or splash dmg. You need both. And thats for example much better than Stone Elemental for same mana cost. Warlord is stronger and has stronger (not better) death ability.

Next little bit strong is Valen minion shield. Not sure how is works. But what I can see is when I took 1000 dmg and shield is 200, all 1000 dmg is absorbed to 200hp shield and after I can kill minions?

Thx Frankenstejn

Hi Frankenstejn, great feedback on re-balancing! We’ll make sure the team hears your suggestions as we’re regularly re-balancing minions/spells and community feedback is really important! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right about Valen’s Holy Shield - when you deal enough damage to remove the shield, it absorbs the excess damage dealt on that hit too.

Looking forward to hearing more of your suggestions! Thanks!