[Official] Update & Spell Re-balance - LIVE NOW!


A month ago, we had a Spell Overhaul (which also introduced Rework of 5 of the Spells). Since then, enough time has passed to gather data on the new balance. Certain Valen Spells are a bit high in usage and win rate, whereas Nöella’s are a bit lower than we expected. We’ll continue looking into Spell usage and player feedback to keep the battles fair and competitive.

All damage/duration numbers are based on initial level values.

Sacred Mallet

  • Base Damage: 660 → 600
  • Stun Duration: 3s → 2.5s

Dev comment: Sacred Mallet has a win rate of 55% and usage of 25.1%. While we initially wanted to make it more about the stun, we felt it reaching 6 seconds at max level was a bit high. We also reduced the damage slightly. The damage will still be strong enough to kill a Silver Ranger of equal level.

Hammer of the Gods

  • Damage: 1150 → 1080

Dev comment: Hammer of the Gods has a win rate of 55% in legendary arenas and a usage of 22.3%. While we liked the changes we previously made to the first evolution, we felt it ended up, a bit high on the damage spectrum for a Spell which hits the whole lane, and which can have its damage split into 2 instances. Once again, this damage adjustment will make it possible to clear most units it previously did.

Ice Spears

  • Delay between Spears: 1 → 0.8s

Dev comment: We previously changed the delay between Spears from 0.6 to 1 second to allow for more counterplay in reacting by placing swarm units in front of those you’d like to protect. This ended up feeling a bit too strange, so we decided to reduce it back to 0.8.

Ice Rift

  • Cooldown: 40s → 35s

Dev comment: Noella’s Ice Rift spell is just below 50% win rate, even though usage is at an okay 15.7%. While her spells do not have as large areas or do as much damage as those of some of the other mages, we like their utility, and them having slightly lower cooldowns as well. This should also help kick back Noella back up, as she ended up a bit lower than we expected compared to other Heroes.


Yes, and you have to change also the cooldowns of the spells of terrin Rhi, 45 seconds is to much between other earthquake, none of the heroes doesnt have cooldown 45 seconds even 40 is to much, the scares nallet is 30 seconss… With the srubbing duration is getting like 25 seconds…

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Alena’s final skill is still too strong, which needs to be rebalanced. Although it was weakened last time, it is still too strong. All the top players just want to wait for Alena’s spider activity, which makes all players lose interest in other heroes besides upgrading Alena.

Please reduce the power of Lord Summark. He is too strong. New players like me have no way to fight him. It was a nightmare to meet it.

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Tienes mucha razón, 45 segundos es mucho…