[Official] Update 2.1.7 - Available Today!

New season has descended on the Tower of Ascension with a burst of light and a new Ascension constellation! :fireworks:

But that’s not all! A new update has arrived in Eldonia and your Stores! We focused on bringing some changes to Minion and their Ascensions, as well as smashing some pesky in-battle bugs and edge cases. Read on for all the details on what’s new this season!



  • New Ascension → “Now heals itself on Attack”

Healing itself upon killing units only was flavorful but niche. We want the Punisher to be able to truly feel like a legendary lifestealer.


  • New Ascension → “Can be spawned in any location”

We liked how the Viper Ascension changed the way he is played and made him that much more threatening. We want to experiment with even more units getting this ability, disrupting the expected spawn territory rules, and opening more room for unexpected offense plays through Ascensions. Be on the lookout for this new Ascension in the upcoming seasons!

We’ve also reworked the descriptions of Ascensions that involve range increases. Those will no longer specify the exact number of range increases, but we’ll include these up-to-date values in the seasonal patch notes on the Forum. This will be applied to the following Minions: Goblin Marksman, Silver Ranger, Amazon, Alchemist, Crow, Nature Guardian and Revenant, those of which who are feature in the Tower of Ascension have an ascension range increase of +5 this season.


Fire Witch

  • Channeling time reduced by 0.5 seconds

Countering Fire Witch’ ability happens a bit often because stuns, freezes and damage spells are generally popular and available. We want to make it just a little bit harder to do so.


  • Removed Spawning Animation


In addition to abovementioned changes, the following fixes have been released with the update:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Vengeful Construct to not be killed by some abilities, such as Terrin Rhii’s Vortex
  • Fixed a bug with the interaction between Vengeful Construct and Spider Boss Assassination
  • Fixed a bug where Phase Assassin sometimes dealt damage at long range
  • Fixed a bug where Phase Assassin was incorrectly receiving splash damage while being in the invulnerable state
  • Fixed a bug where Minion Ability of Vengeful Construct wasn’t boosted by Artifacts with the corresponding stat
  • Other optimizations to improve the experience in the Arena

Good luck ascending this season!

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