[Official] Update 2.1.5 - Full Changelog - Available Now!

Hi Heroes!

Exciting times in Eldonia as new Mythic forces join the Heroic battlefield with the latest update! Get the latest version from your Store and read on for more info!

Ice Witch, a new Mythic Minion, has entered the Battlefield

From two the Eldonian mountain tops, separated by the Void, a long twin sister finds her way onto the battlefield.

  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Mana Cost: 5
  • Base Health: 1215
  • Base Area Damage: 325
  • Move Speed: 4
  • Range: 35
  • World: Arcana
  • Description: Ice Witch’s attacks chill enemy Minions to the bone, slowing down their movement and attack speeds.

Ice Witch is different from previous Mythic Minions in that her special ability is always active - she doesn’t have to charge any power up. Ice Witch will make her debut during the LHS event this weekend. Her shard will be available on the Premium track and in the Offers during the upcoming edition of Last Hero Standing.

Extended Last Hero Standing Track = More Rewards!

Ice Witch will be debuting this weekend so we wanted to make the rewards in this edition of Last Hero Standing special too! A Legendary card reward will remain at 900 Skull Tokens as before, while Ice Witch will be waiting at 1100 Skull Tokens. To accommodate for this extended milestone track and rewards, the price of the pass has been slightly adjusted. Also, a nice chunk of Phoenix Tokens will be included in the extended milestones on the Free Track.

You will now be able to see current cooldowns of your opponent’s Spells!

We expect this will improve the awareness of nasty Spells, especially area damage ones, and open up some interesting mind games between experienced players!

In battle emotes!

Taunt your opponent with our new battle emotes! We do have a mute option for Heroes who prefer to stay focused on combat alone.

Seasonal Boosted Minion

Upon the release of any New minion, we will boost the Minion up to your Account level for the duration of the Season. This means that, for example, if your Account level is 10, but you only have that Minion at level 7 - this Minion will act as level 10 until the end of the Season, at which point it will return the current level it holds in your collection. This should let you play with Minion at appropriate strength for your Account level and help you test its true power in battle.

Improvements & Optimizations

  • Campaign Battle Pre-Battle Callout reduced to 2.5 seconds from 5: Previously, Heroes had to wait for 5 seconds before being able to start casting Minions. We have reduced by half to make the start of battles more responsive.
  • Other fixes and optimizations

See you in battle!