[Official] Update 2.1.3 - Full Changelog - Available Today!

Greetings, Heroes!

Changes are arriving in Eldonia with today’s update! Head to your Store to get the latest version of Heroic and read on for more details about what’s new!


  • Phoenix Tokens will no longer reset at the end of the Season. From now on, you can carry over your Phoenix Tokens from Season to Season and redeem them in the Events Shop at any time. This change is effective immediately, so your current Phoenix Tokens will not reset after the start of the next Season. The rewards and stock in the shop will continue to rotate like before.
  • Reduced price of the featured Legendary card in the Event Shop:
    12000 → 10000 Phoenix tokens
  • The Event Shop is now also accessible from the Events location
  • Drastically increased Phoenix Token rewards on the Legendary part of the milestone track. You should be able to recoup up to 6100 Phoenix tokens from the Milestone every two weeks, as well as many other cool rewards

Dev Comment: Event Tokens were originally intended to be one of the main ways for players to unlock new content as they reach the later stages of the game. Initial idea behind the reset was to motivate players to actively take part in each season. However, players often weren’t able to have enough tokens to get the rewards they wanted, so this was more punishing than it was motivating. You will now be able to gather tokens at your own pace, and only spend them once you really want to. We also added a nice chunk of Phoenix Tokens to the Legendary Arena Milestone Track to make progressing through it every season more rewarding.

Tower of Ascension

  • Rebalanced existing Ascensions and introduced many new ones - now we have Ascensions for all Minions in the game!
  • Slightly reduced Glory Point requirements needed to reach an Ascension Point. Active players should now be able to reach roughly 1-2 Ascension points more compared to previous Seasons

Dev Comment: When we initially shipped the Tower of Ascension feature, we had only roughly half of the Minion Ascensions done. Now we’ve completed Ascensions for all the Minions in the game. You should start seeing more variety in Ascensions starting with the next Season. Also, we reduced the Glory requirements slightly as we want active players to reach Ascension Points a bit easier.

Improved Rewards

  • Significantly improved rewards awarded on the Battle Arena Milestone track. There will be some additional resources available for claiming as well as epic Minions, and even a new Legendary - Hellfiend. :fire:
  • Significantly improved rewards in Battle Chests for later Arenas, including Legendary Arenas. Players should roughly see 3 times more content in Legendary Arenas compared to before
  • Increased chances of unlocking Legendary Minions
  • Increased the cap for Free Chests from 2 to 20

Dev Comment: Legendary Arenas didn’t feel rewarding enough for a while now, which we wanted to change - as this is the “late-game” stage of our game’s main progression system. We decided to make progressing through Arenas, as well as staying at the top, be a lot more rewarding by improving chest content and the Battle Arena milestone rewards - letting newer players unlock many more cards as they progress. We even added Hellfiend - a legendary Minion every Hero should eventually have access to!
The increase in Free Chests should give players who skip a few days of play an exciting boost to get them back to battle. Initially, Free Chests were designed to reward players who regularly come back to play their matches on a daily basis, but now we have many more features and systems that reward active players, so we felt Free Chests could become more relaxing.

  • Added Spell Shard rewards to Free Chests and Chests earned from Battle Arena victories

Dev Comment: Scarcity of Spell Shards was another point we wanted to address. Originally, we intended for Spell and Hero progression to be tied mostly to Player versus Environment content like Campaign and Boss Raid. While this was thematic, not all players enjoyed this content equally, and we wanted for Heroes who mostly wanted to play against other players to be able to level up their Spells as well. Bear in mind we are still keeping Spell Runes and Hero Essences mostly in the Campaign and Boss Raid, however.

Campaign Changes

  • Campaign Candles Cooldown increased from 15 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Basic Candle Cap increased from 3 to 10
  • Doubled Spell Rune rewards earned in Campaign levels

Dev Comment: We felt that the previous rate of acquiring candles was motivating players to engage in small playing sessions far too often - if they wanted to use all of their free resources. This didn’t feel right with the way players play the campaign. We slowed down the generation but made the cap much larger - to make playing a lot more comfortable for those who want to check in Campaign once or twice a day - but allowing for longer, more fruitful sessions. We also doubled the Spell Runes to allow for players to follow the significantly increased Spell Shard generation.

Other Changes

  • Quests now unlock at 400 Trophies
  • Added another shielding layer to our servers
  • Improved the matchmaking parameters for events and regular duels across all Arenas to give more competitive battles
  • Chest Opening animations are now easier to skip through

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue that was causing some users to get stuck after the tutorial on iOS devices
  • Fixed the bug that was causing the guild chat to become unresponsive when accessed from the World Map in certain situations during Boss Raid events
  • Added some UI and description improvements
  • Polished some chest animations & audio
  • Fixed notification badges that were showing incorrectly
  • Introduced optimizations to prevent certain crashes and give smoother experience to all Heroes!

Good luck fighting in the last week of the Season, Heroes!

See you in battle,
The Heroic Team