[Official] Update 2.1.0 - Full Changelog - Available Now!

Greetings, Heroes!

Another Season of battling for ascension is starting today! In the lead up to the Season reset, we are releasing version 2.1.0 which brings a new feature with fun battle lessons - Training Grounds! Read on for more info on what’s going into today’s update.

Training Grounds feature:

  • Added a Training Grounds location on the Eldonian World Map; the feature consists of 8 lessons that introduce some of the basic mechanics and concepts of Heroic battle and give sweet rewards upon completion
  • To complement this feature, we’ve added a corresponding Challenge and Quest
    • Already claimed Challenge will keep the ‘completed’ status and will not be reclaimable
  • Each lesson gets unlocked at a certain trophy count throughout the first few Arenas; all players who already reached those trophy milestones will have these lessons retroactively unlocked

Autosell Equipment - for easier Equipment management we have implemented a feature that will sell all excess Equipment from your collection when it reaches 2000 pieces, prioritizing low rank, rarity and level over high rank, rarity and level Equipment.

Refreshed Chests look with some sweet new animations!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where in some situations Spell Power Bonus from Equipment didn’t correctly apply in Campaign battles
  • Fixed a bug where Immortal Knight would immediately die upon losing all HP without channeling his 6 seconds of immortality
  • In Campaign battles below the wave number, we added a string indicating the Anomaly missing from certain levels
  • Corrected post-battle highlights where in some situations blue side Minions wrongly got marked as opponent’s
  • Fix the issue where some players were unable to access their guild
  • Incorrectly prolonged stun from Executioner when ascended has been reverted to normal

See you in battle!