[Official] Update 2.0.7 - Full Changelog

Greetings, Heroes!

Today we are rolling out an update to bring some improvements and bug fixes to the Eldonian lands. Version 2.0.7 is waiting for you in the Stores! Here’s what’s new! :point_down:

  • Increased number of Mega Runes in Daily Login Rewards across the board

  • Increased Daily Login Rewards for the first three Arenas

  • Quests changes:

    • Quests are now unlocked once you reach 100 trophies
    • Daily and Weekly Quests will now award Quest Tokens and Gold until you reach 1200 Trophies, when they will start awarding Quest Tokens and Event Tokens
    • The 7-day quest “Complete all Daily Quests x7” has been updated to “Complete all Daily Quests x6”, allowing you to skip a day of Daily quests within a week and still be able to complete all 7-day quests. This change will be effective after your 7-day quests reset the next time.
  • UI changes:

  • Collection and Guild are now accessible through their dedicated locations on the World Map.

  • For easier navigation and clearer overview of events, all Event locations have been merged into one which will display the location of the active event.

  • Boss Raid Badges have been removed from the Badges collection for the time being.

  • Friends, Chat, Community Feed and Inbox placement on the main screen has been swapped with the Shop placement

  • Settings section is now accessible through Profile

  • Campaign location got a sweet new look!

  • Optimized red notifications on the World Map (i.e. removed the ones that appear when a Battle chest is ready to be opened, or when a Battle chest unlocking hasn’t started)

  • Heroes have been added to the Battle Arena milestones. All players who already reached those milestones in Battle Arenas will be able to reclaim these shards.

  • Unlocking of features on the Battle Arenas milestone has been updated.

    • Quests unlock at 100 trophies
    • Guild unlocks at 260 trophies
    • Campaign unlocks at 600 trophies
    • Tower of Ascension unlocks at 1000 trophies
    • Colossus Awakening unlocks at 1200 trophies
    • Capture the Flag unlocks at 1300 trophies
    • Last Hero Standing unlocks at 1500 trophies
    • Boss Raid unlocks at 1800 trophies
  • Campaign Chapters are locked until you achieve a certain Trophy count - this was pushed further down in Battle Arenas

  • To accommodate for some of these changes, we have updated the following Challenges accordingly: 1-3, 5-11, 14-44, 46, 53, 68, 77, 93, 113, 120

  • Changed/increased shard rewards in Campaign checkpoint rewards

  • Challenges in progress:

    • All completed challenges will remain completed, but all players will see updated challenge descriptions.
    • Active challenges will be updated and reset, if they have been changed…
    • If the type of an active challenge is the same and only the requirement value changes, you will keep the progress.
    • Future uncompleted challenges will be updated for all players.
  • As a part of a bigger effort, we are introducing some matchmaking improvements

  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where during the first two weeks of Daily Login Rewards you would skip to next week if you missed a day - now they will reset back to the beginning as intended
    • Fixed the bug where the Challenge complete notification didn’t show in some scenarios
    • Fixed the bug where some users were unable to replay Campaign chapters due to displaced book/text and Play button, and/or empty Campaign screen

See you in battle, Heroes!

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