[Official] Update 2.0.6 - Full Changelog

Greetings, Heroes!

It’s update day in Eldonia! We are rolling out version 2.0.6 of Heroic today to get in some improvements and bug fixes we have been working on since the start of the new Season. What’s new? Read on to find out!

  • We have introduced an Arena floor to enhance the progression throughout Arenas and as a response to the tanking seen around events – once you reach an Arena, you can no longer drop to the previous Arena

  • We are reevaluating the Deck Power in PvP battles so for the time being it has been removed from the Versus screen in PvP battles

  • We received frequent feedback around the understandability of Equipment and Artifacts, and we are implementing a short tutorial on these elements for new players.

  • ELO changes - Trophies won/loss from Arena 1 to Arena 8 have been changed to 15 trophies. To maintain the competitive and dynamic environment in the Legendary Arena, trophies won/loss in Arena 9+ remain the same.

  • To accommodate for the ELO changes, some checkpoints on the Battle Arenas milestones have been changed. Legendary Arenas now start at 3400 trophies, and all previous Arenas and features unlocking will now be at a different trophy count.

Tap here for a more detailed list

Arena 2 now starts at 200 trophies
Arena 3 now starts at 500 trophies
Arena 4 now starts at 900 trophies
Arena 5 now starts at 1400 trophies
Arena 6 now starts at 1900 trophies
Arena 7 now starts at 2400 trophies
Arena 8 now starts at 2900 trophies
Arena 9 now starts at 3400 trophies
Arena 10 now starts at 3500 trophies
Arena 11 now starts at 3800 trophies
Arena 12 now starts at 4100 trophies

  • Important Note: These changes will not affect current trophy count of players. All players will keep their current number of trophies and will be placed in the corresponding Arena upon the release. All previously claimed Battle Arena milestone rewards will be reclaimable!

  • As a result of these Arena changes, all active but incomplete quests involving reaching certain Arenas, such as Add a friend who will reach Arena 2, have been replaced in this 28-day cycle

  • We have introduced a soft gating of Books/Chapters in Campaign by Trophy count.

Tap to see the full list of these changes:
Book 1

Chapter Number - Trophies needed
Chapter 1 - 340
Chapter 2 - 350
Chapter 3 - 425
Chapter 4 - 500
Chapter 5 - 600

Book 2

Chapter Number - Trophies needed
Chapter 1 - 700
Chapter 2 - 900
Chapter 3 - 1100
Chapter 4 - 1300
Chapter 5 - 1500

Book 3

Chapter Number - Trophies needed
Chapter 1 - 700
Chapter 2 - 1700
Chapter 3 - 1700
Chapter 4 - 1700
Chapter 5 - 1700

Book 4

Chapter Number - Trophies needed
Chapter 1 - 2100
Chapter 2 - 2100
Chapter 3 - 2100
Chapter 4 - 2100
Chapter 5 - 2100

Book 5

Chapter Number - Trophies needed
Chapter 1 - 2500
Chapter 2 - 2500
Chapter 3 - 2500
Chapter 4 - 2500
Chapter 5 - 2500

  • Continued optimization for the matchmaking experience

  • Fixed the bug where a leveled up Hero animation didn’t show in the collection screen

  • Fixed the bug with Queen Oba’s Horror health not scaling as intended since the previous patch

  • To prepare for another season with events, we have fixed the following events-related bugs:

    • Missing Portal Health in Last Hero Standing - the bonus Portal Health coming from Artifacts stats has been temporarily disabled for this event
    • Frozen Heart causing attacking inconsistencies in Capture the Flag

Big thanks to all Heroes for helping us detect these bugs and room for improvements and for the continuous support! Keep rocking in the Arena! See you there! :slight_smile:


Hi Heroes! We’ve had a server maintenance today which brought a sweet change to the Silver and Gold Card - both the purchase and daily gems rewards have been significantly increased!
All future Monthly Card purchases will give you more gems. If you have (one of) these active currently, you’ll be getting more daily gems for the same price starting tomorrow!
Thanks for your support and for playing,
The Heroic Team