[Official] Update 2.0.5 - Full Changelog

Happy Monday, Heroes!

To prepare for the new Season that starts today and introduce some adjustments/fixes, we are currently releasing servers and we rolling out version 2.0.5 of Heroic today. This release for both Android and iOS brings the following changes:

General changes:

  • Portal Health adjustments in early Arenas
  • Battle chests in Arena 1 now have reduced timers
  • Matchmaking optimizations and tweaks
  • Increased the cap for in-game friends from 30 to 60

New Season changes:

  • Cost of some Ascensions has been increased to 2 or 3 points depending on the Ascension tier and rarity
  • To accommodate the Ascension cost changes, we’ve decreased the Glory needed to earn an Ascension point
  • Added some new Ascensions to the Ascension constellation in Tower of Ascension
  • Featured Mythic Minion for the Season is Lord Sumrak!
  • Added new Boss Raid maps and some other changes to prepare for this upcoming event. More on this soon!

Shop Changes:

  • Removed Black Market from the Shop

  • Merged the Featured and Exclusive tabs into one for a better overview of offers

  • Hog’s Hoard Chest - removed the level reset mechanic

Visual effects changes:

  • Improved the animations of event locations on the World Map when there’s an event running
  • Polish and improvements


  • Fixed a bug where Revenant wasn’t getting full health buffs when spawned in front of ranged units
  • Backend optimizations

Head to your Store to get the latest version of Heroic and prepare for another 4-week shot at Ascension!

See you in the Arena, Heroes!