[Official] Update 2.0.3 - Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Hi Heroes!

We’re releasing the version 2.0.3 today, March 9th, which brings the following:

  • a fix for the Magic Construct Ascension bug where this ascension was incorrectly reducing the level of the next summoned Minion to its base level
  • a fix for the Rhii’s Power Spell - we’re reverting the Mana Cost reduction from -2 to -3, as it was before the patch 2.0.0
  • increased daily Glory Cap from 40 to 60

The server release on March 10th brings the following:

  • added missing VIP points which were miscalculated and not cumulative due to a bug
  • a fix for the bug where some players had an incorrect username and title
  • a fix for the bug affecting some guilds where the list of guild members was incomplete
  • a fix for the bug where some players where unable to continue playing Campaign due to blank pages or getting stuck on certain chapters

Head to the Stores and get the latest version. Thanks again for your amazing support so far!
Happy battling!