[Official] Update 2.0.11 - Full Changelog - Available Now!

Greetings, Heroes!

Since the last update we have worked on improving various aspects of the game, with the focus on Quest optimizations, the rewarding system on Battle Arenas Milestones, matchmaking improvements and bug smashing. There is lots of news in today’s update, so be sure to continue reading for more detailed info on what this update brings to Eldonia!

Battle Arena Milestone Rewards

We have added featured Minions of all rarities - Legendary Minion included - on the Battle Arenas Milestones. Additionally, certain one-time Rune/Gold milestone rewards have been replaced with increased amounts of Phoenix Tokens rewards, which can be redeemed in the Event Shop for different types of resources. Now a total of 4500 Phoenix Tokens rewards can be earned across all Arenas (one-of rewards of 2800 Phoenix Tokens in Arena 5-9, and 1700 Phoenix Tokens in the Legendary Arenas).

Milestone rewards for the Legendary Arenas, which can be earned every two weeks during the Legendary Arena League, have been also improved as follows:

  • Increased Mega Rune rewards to a total of 250 Mega Runes (increased from previous 30 Mega Runes); 100 Mega Runes can now be earned at 3650 trophies, and another 150 Mega runes at 5000 trophies every two weeks
  • Added a total of 1700 Phoenix Tokens: 300, 400, 400, 600 Phoenix Tokens at 3900, 4000, 5400, 5800 trophies respectively, which can also be earned at every two weeks

Added featured Minions available for claiming after reaching the certain milestones.

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  • Primal Spirit at 170 trophies
  • Rolling Rocks at 220 trophies
  • Executioner at 430 trophies
  • Viper at 550 trophies
  • Fearless Leader at 810 trophies
  • 2 Silver Rangers at 1450 trophies
  • 2 Reflectors at 1950 trophies
  • Doppelganger at 2350 trophies
  • 50 Elite Archers at 2500 trophies
  • 2 Pixies at 2700 trophies
  • 2 Crystal Colossus at 2950 trophies
  • Fire Witch at 3350 trophies

Important note: All of these rewards will be claimable again retroactively for everyone who has already reached these milestones, so make sure to grab them after updating Heroic!

Notification about Arena Benefits

We have added a popup message that appears when a new Arena is unlocked, informing players about novelties and benefits of each Arena.

Quests Optimization

After reassessing the seasonal activity loop, we have reduced Quest requirements for the following 7-day and 28-day quests:

  • 7-day Quest “Finish All Daily Quests” reduced from x6 to x5
  • 28-day Quest “Finish Battles in Overtime” reduced from x20 to x10
  • 28-day Quest “Spend Gems” reduced from x2000 to x300
  • 28-day Quest “Complete All 28-day Quests” changed to “Complete 28-day Quests x8”, meaning you can now miss one out of nine 28-day quests and claim this quest with the Legendary card

Note: These changes will be live from your next Quest reset.

Matchmaking Improvements

Deck level discrepancy noticed between some matchups primarily in PvP events has been reassessed and balanced out for fairer and more challenging battle experience.

Victory Track Changes

We have heard your feedback about the Victory Chest cap and regeneration timers being unclear and limiting. For better clarity on when Victory Track Rewards can be unlocked, we have made Victory Chests more accessible throughout the Season by making them refresh on a daily basis. A new Victory Chest will now become available for unlocking each day of the Legendary Arena League which matches the Victory Track duration. This means you will now be able to have more than 2 incomplete Victory Chests stacked, and the possibility of completing them all retroactively on the last 2 days of the League before the timer resets. Victory track will continue resetting every 14 days.

Friends Feature Optimizations

  • Private profiles will now be hidden only from players who are not on each other’s friends list. In-game friends will now be able to visit and/or unfriend both public and private profiles that are a part of your in-game friends list.
  • If a player with a private profile sends a friend request, the player who received the request will be able to visit their profile
  • Added a popup notification that informs you Facebook friends cannot be unfriended through the Remove button
  • Added info on the in-game friends limit (60) and your current in-game friends count (this number excludes referrals and Facebook friends)

Other Improvements

  • The one-time Daily Login Rewards (that end with an Epic Minion) during the first two weeks will no longer reset if you miss a day. Once all 7 rewards are claimed, the system will switch to normal and will reset if a day is skipped.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where the Promote/Demote button was overlapping the guild member donations count
  • Added the button to open Battle Chests with Ferrum that was missing for players with unlocked chests queuing perk when no chest was queued
  • Removed the duplicated Battle button showing on the maps in Campaign
  • Fixed the bug where other Hero’s Equipment was being equipped by default in Boss Raid events.
  • Fixed the visual overlapping of Skull Tokens and Damage Dealt on Leaderboards in Last Hero Standing
  • Fixed the bug where the Claim button was showing for already claimed or locked rewards
  • Fixed the visual discrepancy between the results on the animated Leaderboard after battles in Events and those on the static Leaderboards in Events
  • Fixed the bug where the reward quantity was missing from the Info Box of Phoenix Tokens on events Milestone Rewards Track
  • Fixed the Info Box that was showing incorrect description for Epic Cards on the Deluxe Chest
  • Other minor UI fixes, improvements and backend optimizations

Thanks for your continued support, Heroes!

Until the next update, we’ll see you in the Arena,

The Heroic - Magic Duel Team