[Official] Update 1.10.0 & Daily Login Rewards - LIVE NOW!

Happy Monday Heroes!

We’re back with a new update! :slight_smile:

This latest Heroic release includes…DAILY LOGIN REWARDS! Enter the game every day to grab helpful resources to give your deck a boost for your battles. Logging in consecutively means bigger and better rewards, so be sure to enter Heroic regularly! Streaks can go to 7 days before resetting; missing a day takes you back to the first step. Time to get cracking on snatching up this daily loot and putting streaks together!

This release also includes support for pop-up notifications to keep you plugged in on all of the many goings-on within the Heroic Universe! Community Feed notifications will now also expand out into article view to give you more accessible and helpful info for things like changelogs, balancing notes and community updates.

1.10.0 includes another important change related to battle chests. With today’s release, we’re reducing chest timers by half (and their contents). See below for the updated times:

  • Simple Chest: 1.5 hours
  • Artisan Chest: 4 hours
  • Deluxe Chest: 6 hours

This means getting those chest-related Quests unlocked quicker, and of course, freeing up more chest slots throughout the day. More chests, more often! We received a lot of feedback about the time that it took to free up slots, so we believe this change will create more opportunities for more meaningful, rewarding battles and having them coordinate better with Victory Chest timers.
Additionally, the frequency of battle chest types remained the same, which means you’ll be getting Artisan and Deluxe chests more frequently!

Please note that speed up costs in Gems/Ferrum remain the same as previous.

IN-GAME MAINTENANCE ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve also been working on finding an efficient way to announce and communicate server releases and offline time to all Heroes and make this experience better. And we’ve got it ready! Following today’s release, whenever there’s upcoming maintenance you’ll receive a pop-up message informing you about it and showing the estimated downtime. All battles will be disabled until the servers are back up and running, so worry no more about the interrupted battles.


  • Connect to Facebook quest restricted for regions that don’t have it
  • Quest reset timer change - now it resets at 00:00 am local time for each user instead of during the day


  • Fixed a bug where casting Rhii’s Power was causing delay on the other Terrin Rhii Spell when cast right after
  • VFX optimizations

As always, we hope to hear your thoughts on these news and appreciate the amazing feedback you’ve shared so far! We’ve read all of your feedback regarding re-balancing and the team is working on it, so we’ll be sharing more info on it soon!