[Official] Survival II event - Complete!

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The army of enemies is marching towards you… Can you find a perfect combination of Minions and Spells to keep them away from your Portal?

Showcase your Heroicness in this intense and fun PvE mode! Awesome rewards and glory await!

Check out the rules:

  • Survive the onslaught until the timer runs out to achieve victory.

  • The Survival event is unlocked for all players that have more than 1500 trophies!

  • You can enter as many times as you need to complete a level. As you progress levels are getting more difficult.

  • Try to figure out the best combination of Minions and Spells from your collection to survive each level.

  • Pixie is not allowed in the current event. All other Minions and Spells are allowed.

  • There’s no enemy Portal. If your Minions reach the end of the lane, they will disappear and heal your Portal.

  • Keep a close eye on the enemy army and remember - timing is everything!

  • Try to figure out the patterns and survive the siege.

  • Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

P.S.: Beware - the strongest enemy troops have recruited some of the toughest soldiers from another dimension…


Mmh level 24 was to strong with the new Minion. It was impossible for me…becouse ruul was not on the level that u need for it and my minions with level 6 - 7 fighting vs level 9-11…unfair…And I got only crap from the chest so this event was not my.

And u write that only pixi is blocked in game but what about ruul epic spell? It was blocked too…

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The even was nice, but pretty disappointed with the prizes, no mythic card/runes, primal spirit in the last chest.

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Got to agree with you. The last time i finished this event, but this time lvl 24 was impossible without either lvl 10&11 units or one of those lehendaries: Nature Guardian, Immortal Knight, Revenant.
I have seen no deck without one of these cards in any recommended deck

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Really hard for newcomers
Could not get past round3

Pff…so it was too hard and little reward

Yeah, have to agree; too hard and could not get past level 3. Felt like the jump from level 2 to 3 was too big. Also it was a lot of effort for a primal chest, so not worth it for a new player

Thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions with us!
There’s always room for improvement and this feedback is really helpful.

@Colonius Regarding blocked cards, we’ve double checked and only Pixie was blocked in this event. All other Minions, Heroes and Spells from players’ unlocked collection were available. It’s possible that you had Ruul’s Soul Burn unavailable because you didn’t have that card unlocked yet. If that wasn’t the case, feel free to send me your user ID in a private message and we’ll look into it.

Thanks again everyone and have a nice day ahead!