[Official] Survival event - COMPLETE!

The siege is ON, Heroes! An Army of enemies is marching towards you… Can you find a perfect strategy and combination of Minions, Hero and Spells to survive? Are you ready to defend your Portal from the hordes?

Check out the rules:

  • Survive the onslaught until the timer runs out to achieve victory. Note: the Survival event is unlocked for all players that have more than 1500 trophies!

  • Try to figure out the best combination of Minions and Spells from your collection to survive each level.

  • Pixie is not allowed in the current event. All other Minions and Spells are allowed.

  • There’s no enemy Portal. If your Minions reach the end of the lane, they will disappear and heal your Portal.

  • Keep a close eye on the enemy army and remember - timing is everything! Try to figure out the patterns and survive the siege.

  • Defend your Portal and have fun! :slight_smile:


The siege is over, Heroes! Great job defending your Portals! :raised_hands:

What did you think of the challenge? We’d love to hear your thoughts and final results! Thanks to all who have left us feedback already!


It was too hard that most people quite!!! I made it to level 24 and couldn’t Finnish no matter what I did or how many games I played! Too make it worse I got noting any good!! For making it to lvl 24!!! I spent sssoooooooo much time and effort and didn’t even get a legendary!!! Makes me think that it was a huge waste p.s: btw : I lov you guys an I love the game!!! I’m probely a top spender an I want to see this game go far! Sorry I’m a little tough but, it’s because I care about this game!


It would be nice if the events scaled more for your current hero/minion lvl so everyone could have a real chance of beating the events. I got stuck on lvl 19 because I dont think I had the proper legendaries to beat it…


I really liked this mode. some levels have been really hard from the past. in the end I stopped at level 24.

This even was not for middle tire players not certainly for beginners! I’m a Profile 8 player with 30167 portal heath, I’ve been playing this game since Ethiopian release. The point is I think I’m a decent player with some good strategies.
This event was really hard on lvl 24 and 25.I was not able to clear 24 because I did not have RUUL with Level 5. You really needed Lvl5 + RUUL to clear the 1st wave for sure (with Fire blast- Arrow Evolution 1).
I spent more than 4 hours playing and trying different heroes and strategies, but i failed

*** what is the point of giving opportunities to the top players (who have almost all the Legendary cards) to get one more mythical card?

Recently (in last 2 moths) I never got any cards above Rare. I’m loosing the interest when it’s impossible to play.

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This was by far the hardest solo event so far with pretty lame awards, specially if you finished the event like I did. Not even Lord Sumrak card at the end.

Hi Developers,

My minions are lvl 8 tops and most of them lvl 7 or less. My heros are lvl 4 or less.

With that said I need to say that I really loved this event. It was really challenging and made me use minions that I would never use otherwise. For all the players that said it was impossible without high level minios or heros, unfortunately I need to disagree this time. Even with my deck full of limitations I was able to finish the level 25.

My deck for lvl 25 was:

Valen Lvl 4 with hammer of the gods lvl 7 and Phalanx lvl 6, Undead Horde lvl 8, Alchemist lvl 8, revenous scourge lvl 7, Frost Imp lvl 7, Viper lvl 7, Amazon lvl 8, undead army lvl 7.

I think a deck like this is reachable for any regular player.

Of course it was not easy and maybe with higher level of minios and legendaries would have been easier. But still with some thinking and trying it was definitely possible.

I really did not like the other events like capture the flag and my favorite events so far are survivor and last man standing.

I really would like to see this events again with maybe other levels and rewards. I do think the difficult level was good enough to make it interesting. Maybe there is still room for improvement in the reward system. But that was it.

Best Regards

Do not pass the level 18 or 19 I do not remember because I left it to see that I was not advancing, my letters were not at the appropriate level, please do not do another event like that, the previous ones were good.

I love this game and i loved the event it was hard I’m new with limited heroes but i survived till level 16 :wink: wish i had more heroes

@MisterNO : what card have you got instead?