[Official] Server Release & Last Hero Standing II Event - COMPLETE!

Ready to test your Heroicness against 7 opponents again this week?

The next Last Hero Standing event is LIVE NOW! Unleash your decks and showcase your skills in this competitive mode that brings mythic rewards and lots of fun! If you reach the end of the journey, you’ll be able to power and level up your Lord Sumrak!

Check out what’s new below:

  • Extended duration of the event from 48 to 70 hours - starts at 12:00 pm CEST on Friday (Oct 4th), ends at 10:00 am CEST on Monday (Oct 7th)

  • Extended Mythic Journey from 900 to 1337 Skull Tokens

  • Added Mythic Runes rewards on the Mythic Journey milestones - collect them all to power up your Lord Sumrak to the next level!

Thanks for the above feedback, Heroes! Please keep it coming!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed delayed timer after winning and being the last Hero remaining

  • Fixed the bug where the fight button not working

  • Fixed some bugs that were causing issues with logging in to the game

See below for the full rules:

  • You’ll participate in 7 rounds against all other participating Heroes. Last Hero Standing is the winner whose portal is still standing at the end of the session!

  • Portal Health is x2 increased. Your damage level carries over from round to round.

  • Battles are limited to 1:30 minutes and when the time’s up, you’ll be returned to lobby where you can see the match up and current results.

  • As Heroes are eliminated and odd number of Heroes are left in the race, one might encounter a bonus round that ensures fairness.

  • Players are out of the race when their Portal gets destroyed.

  • The more damage you deal to enemy Portals, the higher your Bonus Damage boost is. Take advantage of it!

  • Remember to use your deck slots and quickly change strategies as the time in the lobby is short.

  • Depending on your final standing, you’ll receive Skull Tokens that will be added to your Mythic Journey and help you reach the end of the road faster.

This release also brings a few changes to the Referral Points system. Referral Points have been redistributed, so check out the updated Reward List:

  • Friend installed the game: 400 > 1

  • Friend invited another friend: 200 > 1

  • Friend reached Arena 1: 100 > 1

  • Friend reached Arena 2: 300 > 500

  • Friend reached Arena 3: 500 > 700

  • Friend reached Arena 4: 800 > 900


The event has come to an end - well played, Heroes! :raised_hands:

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so share your results and feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:

Happy battling!