[Official] Server Maintenance - Glory Points Claiming Changes - Apr 16th

Hello everybody, important news regarding Glory points claiming and the current server release!

TLDR: As of today, Glory points from event rewards will be automatically claimed and added to your accounts upon event ending and post-event phase.

We heard the feedback from many of you how leaving a 2-week window for event Glory rewards claiming through Inbox affects the Gauntlet progression. Moreover, Glory points have been designed to give a weekly Gauntlet/Season progress that reflects player activity during each week separately.

In light of all of this, we are introducing an important change to how these points from events are claimed. Glory points earned in events will be claimable during the post-event phase from the Event screen. After that phase, all unclaimed rewards will go to your Inbox, with Glory points being automatically claimed and added to your account. This will assure Glory points earned from events are contained within each Gauntlet week and Season, which was the intended mechanism behind Glory points

Note: As a result, the Post-event phase will be shorter and we’ll be announcing its duration for each event individually on our Forum.

Bug fixes: This server release will also include:

  • a fix for incorrectly shown final position in an event in the Inbox message received upon event ending. This fix is not retroactive.
  • a fix for the bug where some users were unable to claim Boss Raid rewards

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions on this and many other topics continuously! Keep it up!

We’ll see you in battle!

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