[Official] Optional Update 1.11.1 - Live NOW!

Hi Heroes!

Today we’re rolling out an OPTIONAL UPDATE to fix a bug where in some scenarios incorrect units where prioritized and were receiving damage.

We’d recommend to all players to download the latest version of Heroic (1.11.1) from the Stores, it will be ready soon.

What changes?

:point_right: This update will bring the following change to the mechanics that will make you adjust your spawning strategies, so share your tips, tricks and feedback with the community:

first summoned first attacked → first come first attacked

:point_right: Corrected data on the Vortex Spell:

  • Base duration: 4.5 > 3 seconds
  • Max duration: 9.5 > 6 seconds

Thanks to all Heroes who spotted the bug and helped us correct it faster! Keep up the great work! :raised_hands: