[Official] Last Hero Standing IV event - COMPLETE!

Well played, Heroes! :clap: The Last Hero Standing event has ended!
Have you managed to add Queen Oba to your troops? Share your results and feedback with us! :slight_smile:


Anyone else having issues using spells? I am using Nogella spikes and the it won’t work and then stops you using any spells at that point…

Hey @Andyd, thanks so much for reporting this.
Our devs are working on it as we speak. We’re currently having a short offline time to optimize our servers for this event and will be back online shortly.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi everyone!

We’re back online and the Last Hero Standing event is playable.

Unfortunately maintenance took longer than expected, and the only way to sort the issue which we discovered was resetting the event entirely along with all progress. Nevertheless, all rewards that had been unlocked weren’t reset nor removed, and they can be unlocked again.

We’re truly sorry about the inconvenience. :confused:
We will extend the event to ensure the entire event length is met.