[Official] Last Hero Standing III - COMPLETE!

The Last Hero Standing event is ON AGAIN!
Showcase your Heroicness in this competitive mode that brings mythic rewards and lots of fun! The event starts on Friday (Nov 8th) at 3:00 pm CET and lasts for 48 hours, so get ready, Heroes! :muscle:

Check out the rules:

  • You’ll participate in a series of battles against 7 Heroes. Last Hero Standing is the winner whose Portal is still standing at the end of the session!
  • Portal Health is x2 increased. Your Portal Health carries over from round to round.
  • Battles are shorter and limited to 1:30 minutes and when the time’s up, you’ll be returned to lobby where you can see the match up and current results.
  • As Heroes are eliminated and odd number of Heroes are left in the race, one might encounter a bonus round that ensures fairness.
  • Players are out of the race when their Portal gets destroyed.
  • The more damage you deal to enemy Portals, the higher your Bonus Damage boost is. Take advantage of it!
  • Remember to use your deck slots and quickly change strategies as the time in the lobby is short.
  • Depending on your final standing, you’ll receive Skull Tokens that will be added to your Mythic Journey and help you reach the end of the road faster.