[Official] Last Hero Standing Event - COMPLETE!

Hey Heroes,

There’s a buzz around the Arena today - the Last Hero Standing event is live now!

Go up against 7 other Heroes in battle to see who can claim the title of Last Hero Standing. Rack up as many Tokens as possible and collect awesome rewards along your journey. Waiting at the end of the road? An all-new Mythic Minion: the corrupted scientist Lord Sumrak.


  • World: Void

  • Rarity: Mythic

  • Mana: 7

  • Damage: 575

  • Health: 4610

  • Range: Melee Single Target

  • Speed: 6

  • Special Damage: 1100

  • Stun Duration: 1 second

  • Description: Attacks enemies to charge his power. Once fully charged, he lifts enemies in his lane and slams them into the ground, damaging and stunning them.

  • Note: Mythic Minions are obtained exclusively during time-limited events

See below for the full rules:

  • You’ll participate in 7 rounds against all other participating Heroes. Last Hero Standing is the winner whose portal is still standing at the end of the session!
  • Portal Health is x2 increased. Your damage level carries over from round to round.
  • Battles are limited to 1:30 minutes and when the time’s up, you’ll be returned to lobby where you can see the match up and current results.
  • As Heroes are eliminated and odd number of Heroes are left in the race, one might encounter a bonus round that ensures fairness.
  • Players are out of the race when their Portal gets destroyed.
  • The more damage you deal to enemy Portals, the higher your Bonus Damage boost is. Take advantage of it!
  • Remember to use your deck slots and quickly change strategies as the time in the lobby is short.
  • Depending on your final standing, you’ll receive Skull Tokens that will be added to your Mythic Journey and help you reach the end of the road faster.

The event closes in 48 hours, on Sep 29th at 12:00pm CEST. The clock is ticking!
Bring it on, Heroes! :sunglasses:


Hey Heroes! Some of you encountered small bugs, so we’ll keep this thread udated with known bugs and fixes.

  1. Bug: After defeating last Hero in the event, the countdown timer is too long
    How to solve: Restart the game completely. After logging in, your Tokens will be there waiting to be claimed.
    Status: The team is working on it :wink:

Many thanks for reporting!

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EDIT: Back online! Thanks for your patience!

Attention, Heroes! In an hour we’ll have a brief server release to fix the bug with long timer after defeating the last Hero in the event. We want to make sure you guys are not affected by this delay and can smoothly continue playing the event.

Please take a break from the event from 5:15pm CEST to 5:40pm CEST. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when we’re back online.

Again, many thanks for reporting the bug right away and helping us make this journey better!

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