[Official] Heroic Announcement - Eldonian Sunset

Greetings, Heroes!

All great stories have an ending and, with heavy hearts, we are diving into the final chapter of the Heroic journey.

We have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to the Heroic universe. The game has been removed from the App Store and Google Play on 5th of September, 2023, and will be available to play until 6th of December, 2023. All purchase options have been turned off from today and the Heroic servers will be closed permanently on 6th of December, 2023.

Heroes we met along the way and the high hopes we had for the game made this decision all that more difficult to take. It has been a privilege to have such a passionate and dedicated community. We are deeply grateful for the love and support you showed us over the years. Thank you Heroes for always bringing your best to the Arena, giving new meaning to Killer Combos, raiding events like true Heroes do and sharing your expertise with the community! We are exceptionally proud to have a community that poured their hearts into this game like we did.

All Heroes will receive a thank-you gift through the Inbox section for a nice deck boost. Let’s write these final pages together with fun and competition and send Eldonia off with a bang.

Be sure to eternize your achievements with screenshots and use your resources before the game’s servers permanently go offline on 6th of December, 2023.

On behalf of everyone from the team: Thank you for being part of the Heroic universe!
We hope our paths cross again in other adventures.

The Heroic - Magic Duel Team