[Official] Heroic 2.0! - Full Changelog - LIVE NOW

Hi Heroes,

Welcome to Heroic 2.0 and Eldonia!

See below for the full changelog. Grab some popcorn - it’s a long one!

We’ve added:

  • Let’s start from the beginning - we brought some justice to the Loading Screen!

  • Added the World Map of Eldonia as Home Screen for a more comprehensive visualization of what’s happening in the Heroic Universe, with PvE on the left side of the map and PvP features and events on the right side.

New Features

  • Campaign Mode featuring hand-crafted levels set to the backdrop of the Heroic Lore.. Read more about it in the Heroic Wiki here.

  • Tower of Ascension, which includes Minion Ascensions, a new Season format, Gauntlets and more!

  • Previous Leagues system based on damage dealt to Portal has been converted to Tower of Ascension seasonality with seasons expanded to 4 weeks and instead of a ranking system based on damage dealt introduced Glory points gained from victories in Battle Arenas and Campaign. Events will also give a significant amount of Glory depending on your ranking. Read all about the Tower of Ascension in the Heroic Wiki here.

  • Challenges - new series of checkpoints to guide you through the journey and give you sweet rewards along the way. Any challenge you’re unable to complete because you’ve already performed that action (i.e. Join a Guild) will be autocompleted and you’ll receive the rewards once you reach it. Check out more on Challenge in the Heroic Wiki here.

  • Added new type of collectibles - Equipment and Artifacts. Read all about them on the Heroic Wiki here.

  • Improved Player Profile by adding Badges & Titles to show off achievements through the Avatar and featured Badges on the Versus Screen.

  • New matchmaking screen with three featured badges to show off achievements.

  • Added a Deck Power stat which calculates and shows strength of player’s deck by taking into consideration Hero, Minions, Spells, Portal health and Artifact power.

  • Ability to add In-game friends through the Friends tab or friend’s Player Profile screen and send them Ferrum.

  • Option to set your Player Profile to private so other players can’t view their players. Players who have this option turned on won’t be able see other players’ profiles either. You can still report players who have their profiles set to private.

  • Inbox feature through which you’ll be able to claim seasonal and event rewards if you weren’t present while rewards were going out, as well as any daily subscription rewards.

  • Global, Local and Individual chat. Local chat is determined by language on your device.

  • New shop section called Merchant and event currency called Phoenix Tokens. You’ll earn Phoenix Tokens from events, which you can redeem in the Merchant section of the shop

You’ll get to choose the rewards that you’d like, when you’d like. The more Phoenix Tokens you earn, the more awesome rewards such as Mythic and Legendary Minions you can buy from the Shop. Event Tokens are limited to seasons and will reset at the end of the season, so you’ll have to think about what you’d like to put your Tokens towards each month. Any remaining Tokens will be turned into gold/chests that you’ll be able to claim from your Inbox. Every season will have completely new Event Tokens with unique names, starting with Phoenix Tokens in the first season.

UI Changes

  • Settings have been moved from Player Profile to the bottom left part of the Main Screen

  • Battle button to play regular PvP matches has been moved to Battle Arenas. Read about Battle Arenas in the Heroic Wiki here.

  • Battle Arena milestones showing Arenas and trophy count have also been moved to Battle Arenas, along with 4 slots for Battle Chests, Victory Track and Legendary Arena League Leaderboard (previously referred to as Legendary Arena/Trophy Season)

  • Moved Guild chat to the Chat section, but made it accessible through the Guild screen. As a result, guild battles via chat have been disabled, but you’ll still be able to challenge your guildmates to battle if you are in-game friends.

  • Moved Community tab to the bottom left part of the Main Screen

  • Removed Practice Battles feature - why? Usage of the feature, community feedback and implementing the option to add in-game friends

  • Reworked Shop divided into several sections. This includes the Merchant section - which is where Event Tokens can be redeemed.


  • Re-evaluated Ferrum points - There will be many more ways to earn Ferrum beyond referrals with the new version, including daily gifts from your in-game friends to card donations giving Ferrum instead of Gold. We felt that this currency was missing another social element and decided to introduce daily gifts. Each player is now able to send up to 10 gifts of 5 amount of Ferrum to friends per day. These are newly generated Ferrum points and don’t get deducted from your Ferrum stash.

  • Gem Packs: Same as with Ferrum, we’ve made Gems more accessible in-game by introducing more places and features to get them. As such, Gem quantity in Gem packs have been reduced, as you’ll have more ways to earn them throughout the game. Some of the new additions include the likes of a Monthly Card, which will give Heroes great value on Gems on a monthly basis. We’ve added a Victory Track pass, Campaign book completion pass (available upon completing the first book), and Battle Pass for every event.

  • Shop Chests: Rewards in Wooden and Silver Shop Chests have been increased, price of the Golden Chest has been doubled and the content has been more than doubled.

  • Added two Monthly Card options, which give 3x more Gems.

Battle chest timers and content

  • Spells, Hero Shards and Spell Runes have been moved to Campaign (see below). Chest Timers have been returned to 3, 8, and 12 hours and Minion/Gold content increased from Arena 3 onwards. This change was made to create more consistency between where different resources are used/discovered.

  • Moved all Hero and Spell-related rewards to PvE modes and events (mainly Campaign, Boss Raids). The main place for collecting Minions and Minion-related resources are PvP battles (Battle Arenas, Last Hero Standing, Capture the Flag, and Colossus Awakening).

  • As a result of removing Rune rewards from quests, we’ve reassessed the rune requirements and reduced the amounts needed for Minion power-ups to accommodate this change. With Spell rune rewards being moved to PvE battles, Runes for Minion power-ups in battle chests have been doubled. Having in mind the reduced rune requirements introduced with this patch, overall you’ll be receiving more Minion Runes from chests.

  • All currencies from the Battle Arenas Milestones are reclaimable. Don’t forget to grab them!

  • Quests with the progress bar at 1 or more have been claimed and successfully added to player’s accounts on the backend side. New quest cycle with fresh quests has started.

  • Badges are a newly introduced feature, some of which have been retroactively given to players.

  • VIP Program - Different tiers are unlocked adding new perks by spend invested. Retroactive tiers will be added to correspond with spend to now. Look out for an announcement soon.

  • Hog’s Hoard chest is now only available for in-app purchase. Hog’s Hoard chest progress has been reset to Level 1.

  • Legendary Arena League (aka Trophy Season) has ended today and all players who reached 4100+ trophies since it started can claim their rewards.


  • Prince Vindur, the 3rd Mythic Minion, is the first Mythic visiting the Merchant Store (for Event Tokens)!

Don’t forget to check out the Heroic 2.0.0 Balance Changes if you haven’t already!

That’s it for now! Happy Ascending, Heroes! We’ll see you in the Arena!