[Official] Colossus Awakening - LIVE NOW - Apr 6

There’s a sleeping giant that you’ll want to wake up in the Sky Palace…:muscle:

The Colossus Awakening Challenge is ON! Get started in the event by visiting the Colossus Awakening location on the World Map in-game!

Here are the rules:

-Defeat the ancient Colossus to have it join your side.
-The Colossus switches sides each time it is defeated. It grows stronger each time it switches sides!
-The Colossus is immune to Spells and special abilities.
-The winner is the Hero who manages to escort the Colossus all the way to the opposing Portal. Portals are destroyed with a single Colossus blow.
-Points earned from wins are then applied to the Group and Global Leaderboards.

Some may ask, what happens when one Crystal Colossus meets an Ancient one? :thinking: You’ll have to see!

Read on for more detail rules on how the Leaderboards work:

Milestone Rewards:

  • Each milestone gives you either a certain amount of Phoenix Tokens or an Event chest.
  • Event chest rewards scale depending on your current Arena - the higher the Arena you’re in, the better the rewards.
  • For extra rewards, you can get the Special Reward Pass which will unlock the Special Track where you’ll be able to claim additional rewards every time you reach a certain milestone.
  • The last milestone reward is at 40 victories.
  • Minimum requirements: players need to collect at least 5 Victories to be able to claim any rewards from the Leaderboard(s).

Leaderboards, Ranking & Lives:

  • Players are ranked on the Group and Global Leaderboard by Victories collected.
  • Each player has 5 starting lives. You lose one life when you get defeated.
  • Each time you’re out of lives, you’ll have a chance to buy 5 extra lives for 50 gems and continue playing.
  • If you lose all your lives, your current Victory progress gets reset to 0, but you’ll still keep the Milestone Rewards progress, as well as your best score and get ranked on the Leaderboards based on your best Victories score.
  • The higher the final standing, the greater the rewards.
  • Secondary tie-breaker is Damage Dealt. If two or more players have the same amount of Victories, the one who dealt more damage will be ranked higher.
  • Group Leaderboard (main screen when you open Last Hero Standing) groups 100 players where the top 50 receive a predetermined amount of Phoenix Tokens and Glory points.
  • Global Leaderboard, as well as Friends ranking, is accessible via Standings. Global Leaderboard shows the top 200 players and those who finish in the top 50 globally receive valuable rewards when the event ends.

Good luck battling in Sky Palace, Heroes!

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