[Official] Colossus Awakening event - COMPLETE!

There's a behemoth awaiting your command in the Sky Palace!

The Colossus Awakening event is ON, Heroes! Take part in this all-new battle mode and deliver the deadliest of deadly payloads to pick up the W and make your way towards rewards! This event last for 2 days, so get started on coaxing that ancient Colossus into your ranks!

Here are the full rules:

-Defeat the ancient Colossus to have it join your side.
-The Colossus switches sides each time it is defeated. It grows stronger each time it switches sides!
-The Colossus is immune to Spells and special abilities.
-The winner is the Hero who manages to escort the Colossus all the way to the opposing Portal. Portals are destroyed with a single Colossus blow.
-Points earned from wins are then applied to the Group and Global Leaderboards.

Some may ask, what happens when one Crystal Colossus meets an Ancient one?:thinking: You’ll have to see!

Todos esses eventos estão sendo um grande atrativo a este jogo, vcs estão de parabéns, continuem com esse trabalho

Rewards to efforts are poor. 1 person can get a sumrak card…woo. My whole guild decided it wasn’t worth participating more than one game because of the effort required for a chest. Instead of encouraging pay for win, reward players who play the game a bunch.

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Olá, concordo com muitos! O evento é legal, mas não compensa jogar muito pra ganhar um baú. Deveria ter recompensas melhores. Como moedas e runas, e em grande quantidades.

Definitely was not worth the effort for a simple chests. The match making sometimes took way too long and after spending over 300.00 on this game I am thoroughly unimpressed.

Thank you! The last 3 events have not been worth it IMO.