[Official] Boss Raid V COMPLETE!

The Ruul Boss Raid event has come to a close! Well played, Heroes! :muscle:

We’d love to hear your feedback and final results, share them in the comments! :point_down:


Nice but,

after the Spider event, my solo score chest was gone and I couldn’t open it.

Not long enough should be a week

Gilden jumpen sollte komplett unterbunden werden.

It’s a great activity, it’s fun, but I didn’t get anything when I opened the box at my first reward point at the end? My ID is: Mosquito

Hi all, thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions, we’ve shared them all with the team!

As for claiming rewards from this event, at times the system has delays that result in lack of chest opening animation when players try to open it, but rewards do get added to player accounts on the server side correctly.
The important thing is that rewards get added regardless of this bug in the system. We hope to have a fix for it soon and apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll make sure to keep you posted!