[Official] Boss Raid Update - Ultimate Challenge! - 5 Nov

Hi Heroes,

It’s nearly time to go to battle with your Guild! Before we all start knocking on the Spider Queen’s door as teams however, we’ve got some changes to the Guild Event to share!

This Guild Boss Raid will be the first to feature extended levels beyond the normal 30. We’ve heard from lots of you who were looking for a challenging new way to work together even once you’ve defeated Azuhul at Level 30, so you now have a lot more destruction to deal.

Be warned! These new levels will be a true challenge only few of the most fearsome Heroes can overcome together, and will require your best efforts and teamwork in order to progress.

The Legendary card reward will still be at Level 30. The Ultimate Challenge levels will feature great rewards at each step, so ready your Guild for a new challenge. On top of that, Solo Boss Raid will now give better, higher rank Equipment rewards on certain milestones!

Start racking up those torches and have fun this weekend!