[Official] Boss Raid II - RAID COMPLETE

Hey Heroes,

Azuhul is back for more in Boss Raid II, only this time, things are a bit chillier, and we hear spiders aren’t too crazy about the cold!

Command the chilling powers of the Ice Queen Noëlla and face off against Azuhul and her horde of spider minions! We’re eager to hear your feedback as ever, so please leave us your thoughts!

The Solo Raid is live NOW! The Guild Raid begins tomorrow (Aug 17th) at the same time and ends on Tuesday (Aug 20th), at 12:00 pm CEST.


  • Collect torches in Solo Raid to earn your ticket for the Guild Raid!
  • You begin the Solo event with an initial 5 torches, and 3 more can be collected every 3 hours. You must claim these in order to add them to your count, and they don’t stack if you miss them.
  • After the first level in the Solo Raid, you unlock scrolls which can be used in both Raids. One of each scroll can be claimed the same way as above.
  • Time is everything! You have 4 hours to defeat each Broodling, or her health will replenish and you’ll have to restart the level. The starting timer on Guild Boss Azuhul is 24 hours, but it decreases as you reach higher levels and time passes.
  • Coordination is everything. Work with your Guild mates to ensure you’re chipping away at Azuhul together!
  • Collect and claim your rewards along the way in both Solo and Guild modes.
  • You can contribute to your Guild’s conquest with Blessings. Each Blessing provides a unique benefit for your entire Guild to make use of during the Raid.
  • Compete on leaderboards against other Heroes and climb higher to earn awesome rewards and added bragging rights! You’ll be able to claim these leaderboard spider chests in Solo Raid after the event is over.
  • Have fun!


  • Increased gold (up to 5x increase over previous Boss Raid) for clearing levels in Solo Raid
  • Reduced waiting time for free Scrolls/Torches - they now regenerate every 3 hours
  • Added Legendary reward for top player on Global Solo Leaderboards
  • Blessings have been reconfigured; They’ve been broken down into 20 instead of 10 levels for easier leveling up, and blessing strength percentages have decreased for Minion Ferocity and Minion Vitality
  • Added Minion card rewards to Solo Raid milestones
  • Fixed some bugs, such as Spider health going negative after completing Guild Raid

Time to get started on slaying those spiders! See you all in the Arena!

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It’s still p2w? If so then it’s useless