[Official] Boss Raid - COMPLETE!

Hey Heroes!

Ready to enter the cave of Azuhul? The first Boss Raid is LIVE! The Guild Raid begins tomorrow, July 26th, at the same time - 12:00pm CEST. The event will last until Monday, July 29th.

Play as Alay’na and take on the Spider Queen Azuhul and her horde of spider minions! We’re eager to hear your feedback, so please leave us your thoughts!

  • Collect torches in Solo Raid to earn your ticket for the Guild Raid!
  • You begin the Solo event with an initial 5 torches, and 3 more can be collected every 4 hours. You must claim these in order to add them to your count, and they don’t stack if you miss them.
  • After the first level in the Solo Raid, you unlock scrolls which can be used in both Raids. One of each scroll can be claimed the same way as above.
  • Time is everything! You have 4 hours to defeat Broodling, or her health will replenish and you’ll have to restart the level. The timer on Guild Boss Azuhul is 24 hours.
  • Coordination is everything. Work with your Guild mates to ensure you’re chipping away at Azuhul together!
  • Collect and claim your rewards along the way
  • Compete on Solo and Guild leaderboards with Heroes and climb higher to earn rewards added bragging rights! You’ll be able to claim these leaderboard spider chests after the event is over.
  • Have fun!

Time to get started on slaying those spiders! See you all in the Arena!


Ofc it’s up to you. But I’m not sure if “normal” plyer can do that for one day (cheater). If they are legally, they have my respect.

Too much money spent…to lvl up Alay’Na… I think they are legal…

The Guild Raid is ON!!

Collect those Guild Torches in Solo Raid to help out your guild-mates! Every battle against Azuhul is a big one!

Enjoy the Raid, Heroes!

Boring and p2w event. U could get to the finish only if u have lvl 6+ Alayna or 50-100$+
Waste of time and money - such a disappointment for the great game

Imo the in purchase currency and staff are expensive in addition to other games… They should lower the prices or make it easier for f2p players to farm the gems…

First 20 lvl of spider can defeat without any gems. Only need good minions composition. Hope my picture help you make some ideas how to win.
@420 p2w looks different. Here is still good balance (better than in other games). Ofc you must understand that the developer need some money for makes game better. Like everyone :slight_smile:

It’s a great update. This is what I use.

@Frankenstejn Bro, i’m okay with donate and ready to pay for some good looking staff, but this game have only gameplay donate staff that’s not fair for f2p players. I’ve been donate in couple of games cuz i like them and ready to help devs to improve but here donate is everything and that’s the point


@420 so you are right. That’s why I hope that developers don’t add more p2w items but add more content for “free”.
We will see :slight_smile:


Spider event is a big fail… Noone managed to finish it… even high donators… And only three guilds managed to reach lvl 30 Azuhul… Such a pity…

Why it is fail when its Hard?
This game officially playable 1 months :slight_smile: Everyone needs progress. No ez win rewards for nothing.

In my opinion it’s good challenge and that’s what I want.

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I liked everything in this event, no ez wins, u need coordinate with clam member, u need some plan to move forward and etc it’s good.
And it will be cooler with some lore… Story makes it special and more interesting… for example why the fk dis hero went in spiders cave or why only she or from where they are coming and etc

@Frankenstejn it is proof that devs care only about money… They should care more about players… They should know the capabilities of the players until now… Ofc it s only a month since it started… Don’t make events which noone can beat…
PS guild event was awesome… I m talking about solo


Ah my mistake. Yeh you are right. Solo event is little bit ab real money spending. Next time could be awesome when torches and scroll can be stacked! Bc real cant pick it in the night every 4 h :confused:
Solo events should be improved (story unlike isn’t good or interesting)


RAID COMPLETE!! How far did you get in Solo/Guild?

Thanks everyone for this feedback - it is very helpful! Please do keep it coming.

Guild lvl 13
Solo lvl 40

// Have some problem with opening chest. Its wrote me some error! I am not sure if I have or haven’t loot from that chest :frowning:

Hey Frankenstejn, try completely closing Heroic - it should become claimable then. :slight_smile:

Devs answering only when they want to… This event is a crap, totally p2w.
On my opinion devs are greedy and don’t care about players. Nobody likes when u forced to pay real money. I will pay by myself but when i feel that u care about the game and about my gameplay not only the money. Make some cosmetic improves like skins and u will receive your money. And please, stop forcing to donate in events or u will f**k up awesome game. Best regards, Ro.