[Official] Boss Raid Announcement

Greetings Heroes!

Important news about the upcoming event: this weekend will be packed with Last Hero Standing battles while we work on optimizing and upgrading our server shields for future Boss Raids. Boss Raids are competitive and guild-oriented events and we are committed to providing a fair and safe environment and playing experience to all Heroes. On top of that, we are reassessing the current Season timeline to ensure this change gives equal progression opportunities, so we will keep you up-to-date on plans for this Season. Stay tuned!

We appreciate your understanding and wish you a fun week of battling,
The Heroic Team


Greetings, Heroes!

While we are working on finalizing the effort described in the announcement above, we wanted to give an update on this Season’s event agenda.

We are keeping the same event schedule in the upcoming period and look forward to running another Boss Raid event the first week of July, before the end of the current Season, with optimized and reinforced server shields.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this and appreciate your understanding!

See you in battle,
The Heroic Team