[Official] Balance Patch - Season XII

It’s time to devour your opponents and ascend to the top! A new Tower of Ascension season has started!

Check out this season’s balance patch below to be fully ready to deal destruction! :point_down:

Vengeful Construct

  • Health Regeneration: 9% → 8% per second

First signs are showing that our new Mythic Minion is indeed quite Vengeful. We don’t want to overplay our hand here as initial statistics do take into account everyone had the minion at the boosted level - and we also want to give our Heroes ways to figure out how to counter him before reacting, but we saw that a small adjustment is likely needed.

Ice Witch

  • Chill effect speed reduction: 50% → 55%

While similarly to Vengeful Construct, we don’t want to overreact to early data, we felt Ice Witch needed to be a bit more about her special ability. We’ll continue to monitor how she performs in the Seasons ahead.

Spirit Call

  • Cooldown: 50 → 55 seconds

Spirit Call was a tad above the curve for a while, and with the release of Vengeful Construct has received another strong combo piece. While we don’t expect this will largely affect the power of this spell, it might open a slightly longer window for aggressive play before it is used for the second (and third) time.


  • Cooldown: 25 → 20 seconds

We’ve tried letting Alayna’s Growth go down to 20 seconds and we like it. Statue remains a unique spell that we want to see a bit more of. We also want to make sure Alay’na has options to choose from.


  • Base Health: 9405 → 9250
  • Base Damage: 1405 → 1400
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