[Official] Balance Patch - Season XI

Hi Heroes!

A new battle for ascension awaits! We are kicking off this season with a fresh balance patch! Read on for more info :point_down:

Goblin Marksman

  • Base Health: 835 β†’ 870
  • Base Damage: 150 β†’ 160

Goblin Marksman’s presence across Arenas improved but we want to make him a bit more resilient and get his performance to a more competitive level - hence the buffing of this ranged shooter.

Fire Imp

  • Base Health: 395 β†’ 360
  • Base Damage: 180 β†’ 165
  • Base Special Ability Damage: 175 β†’ 180

Being a unit whose tactical value lies in his special ability rather than other stats, we want to put an emphasis on his special damage by increasing its output. With a powerful ascension and special ability boosts from artifacts, he should be able to deliver a solid inferno hit upon spawning!

Mana Wraith

  • Base Health: 5175 β†’ 5195
  • Base Damage: 1295 β†’ 1405

Mana Wraith is one of a kind Minion. His power comes with a cost and we want players to be more comfortable with assuming the cost and experimenting with him in their decks. He remains a tanky unit with a bigger punch to deliver after this buff.

Elite Archers

  • Base Health: 265 β†’ 250

This three-laner Minion showed to be quite a force on all fields - lane coverage, damage output and health resilience. We want to make the last one less impactful and reduce his health while keeping the strategic advantage and damage output of this ranged Minion.


  • Base Special Ability Damage: 250 β†’ 350

Rhii's Power
Rhii’s Power

  • Cooldown: 35 β†’ 40 seconds

A unique Spell that has been overperforming for a while now. This change in cooldown should take it to the level of other Spell while ensuring his utility remains competitive.

Giant Growth
Giant Growth

  • Cooldown: 25 β†’ 20

The only Spell that buffs Minions permanently deserves a better chance at competitiveness which is why it got a cooldown buff. This should allow for more frequent use of this Spell and a more interesting creation of giants in the Arena.

Good luck in battle!