[Official] Balance Patch - Season X

Lift your weapons and shields - it’s time to start battling for ascension in Season X!

This Season comes with a new constellation of Ascensions and a fresh balance patch. Check out the details below!


  • Base Damage: 750 → 800

Rhii’s Epic Spell still remains a bit weaker compared to his other two popular options. We want to make sure Rhii has a good Area Damage option for his damage Spell.

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning

  • Base Damage: 1900 → 1800

Chain Lightning is Rhii’s most popular Spell, and for a good reason. It’s relatively easy to get to the point where you do not care about your Chain Lightning Damage because it can kill all but the heartiest of Minions anyway. We have shaved it off a little bit.

Ice Spears
Ice Spears

  • Base Damage: 550 → 650

Chilling Wind
Chilling Wind

  • Evolved Damage per Tick: 75 → 85

Speaking of balancing out the choices, Noëlla has two Spells which have fallen out of favor. We want Noëlla players to have healthy damage options next to her more defensive and utility oriented Spells.


  • Evolved Explosion Damage: 500 → 1000

Statue is one of the underused Spells, and also one with the least impressive win rate. We feel it’s quite a unique strategic tool - it offers something different in terms of strategizing and territory coverage. We want it to have a stronger offensive side and make it more punishing to remove it.

Spirit Call

  • Initial Cooldown: 25 → 30

Spirit Call is generally tricky to balance, as certain Minions with certain Ascensions can be very effective, especially when Spirit Call has both Evolutions. That being said, the one thing we want to avoid is having certain aggressive attacks available in the game a bit too early. This small change should only add a few seconds to some lucky openings that start at 5 mana, but otherwise will not affect the power level of Spirit Call.


  • Base Health: 85 → 90
  • Base Damage: 190 → 195

Rune Cannon:

  • Base Health: 860 → 850
  • Base Damage: 615 → 650

We liked our previous buff to Rune Cannon, but felt we went a bit light-handed initially! This should let Rune Cannon pack a good punch.

Fearless Leader

  • Base Health: 1455 → 1460
  • Base Damage: 365 → 385

Queen Oba

  • Base Health: 1970 → 1890
  • Horror Base Health: 2500 → 2000

Queen Oba is a Minion with quite a unique ability and she also sports the second highest win rate of any Minion. We want her to be about this ability, but we feel it’s currently a bit too difficult to stop her infinite train of summons going - especially once it’s already out of the station. This should make it slightly easier to defeat her wall and reach her.

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