[Official] Balance Patch - Season VIII

New Tower of Ascension Season is kicking off today and we’ve released a new balance patch to prepare our Minions and Heroes for it! Read on to find out what has changed as we head into a new 4-week battle for Ascension! :point_down:t2:

Frost Imp

  • Base Health: 850 → 705
  • Base Damage: 215 → 205

We want the Frost Imp to be more about his ability - as a neutral spell of sorts, and less about being a body that can stand toe to toe with other 3 mana units. He was doing a bit too well as the latter.

Elite Warriors

  • Base Health: 770 → 585
  • Base Damage: 305 → 310

Elite Warriors have been over-performing in terms of win rate and usage for a while. While we want the warriors to be mighty, having a card that populates all 3 lanes with very fast and tanky units feels like it does too much at once. So we decided to tone down on the tankiness a bit, and make them feel closer to 3 Swordsmen. We’ll continue monitoring their performance.

Soul Burn
Soul Burn

  • Cooldown: 40s → 35s

Soul Burn has been suffering for a long time for the fact it’s more difficult to set up than other damage spells, and that it needs an investment in leveling up before its cooldown reaches comfortable cadence.

Crystal Colossus

  • Base Health: 6520 → 6480
  • Base Damage: 5930 → 6480

Here we are doubling down on one of our previous changes to Colossus in trying to open it up more as a combo, portal rushing unit, hopefully resulting in some exciting matches.


  • Base Health: 485 → 480
  • Base Damage: 130 → 145

Boosting Alchemist’s damage to 145 will mean that he is able to one-shot a pack of Skeletons of the same Level and Power. We eventually decided that giving our Heroes the tools to handle skeleton swarm cards is important, even if it does once again make our little Goblin a staple.

Wisp Mother

  • Base Health: 520 → 670
  • Base Damage: 175 → 185
  • Base Heal: 150 → 210

Healing is a concept that hasn’t been explored enough in our game. We aim to try to explore that space, and see if this produces interesting combos that revolve around maintaining more tanky units on the field.

Rhii's Power
Rhii’s Power

  • Cooldown: 30s → 35s

Versatility and raw power of Rhii’s Power has been overperforming for a while, and we felt it should be available a tad less often.