[Official] Balance Patch - Season IX

Hi Heroes!

New Tower of Ascension constellation of Minions has arrived! In this Season we’ll also see some Gauntlet and Glory changes, as well as re-balanced Minions and Spells. Read on for more info on each!

Balance Notes


  • Skeleton spawn cooldown 7 → 8 seconds

After we made the improvement that made Anubis’ skeletons immediately protect him, he slowly climbed in effectiveness, and thus popularity. At only 6 mana, Anubis can overwhelm the screen with Skeletons pretty quickly and for cheap. We want to reduce his ability to spam a little bit, giving opponents that don’t have area damage a bit more time to hit him in between spawns, and reducing screen clutter a little bit never hurts.

Frost Imp

  • Base Health: 705 → 605
  • Base Damage: 205 → 195

Last season we weakened the Frost Imp. We saw this was moving his strength and popularity in a good direction. We still want to make a little bit more room for other 3 mana units, and keep Frost Imp more about his Special Ability.

Rhino Charge
Rhino Charge

  • Starting Cooldown: 20 → 15 seconds
  • Stun Duration: 5 → 6 seconds

Giant Growth

  • Starting Cooldown: 15 -> 10


  • Base Health: 890 → 885
  • Base Damage: 355 → 340
  • Mana Cost: 4 → 3

We enjoyed all the highlights videos you guys have been sharing with us with cool usages of Commander, and we want to see more! We want her to enter the battlefield sooner, and be more viable in potential rush strategies.

Rune Cannon

  • Base Health: 870 → 860
  • Base Damage: 580 → 615

Speaking of rush strategies, we always wanted to open more room for sneaky aggressive play, and especially being able to deal Portal Damage directly.

Soul Burn
Soul Burn

  • Increased the speed of health decay from 10 to 7 seconds

We feel that cooldown buffs we previously added brought Soul Burn close to the level of other epic spells in terms of power. However, waiting for up to 10 seconds for the health of enemies to decay felt a bit much, so we sped it up to be roughly up to 7 seconds - which should feel close to Viper’s poison in terms of draining power. Soul Burn still requires a bit more setup to be used effectively, but we expect it could be used to devastating effect.

Holy Shield

  • Cooldown: 30 → 25 seconds
  • Base Shield Health: 200 → 190

Speaking of rush strategies yet again, we decided that the metagame had matured enough to return the Holy Shield into the fold by making it available more often once again. Ascensions, many of which are about reducing mana or making units better, made cool late game units even cooler and made many low level cards better at guaranteeing you reach that late game - especially the imps. Holy Shield is one of the strongest spells for an aggressive strategy, and we want to see it alive and well again.

Tower of Ascension Changes

Inside Tower of Ascension Gauntlets, Top 25 players will now get promoted, up from 20. Also, from now on only the bottom 10 will get demoted, down from 20.

We wanted to make Ascensions more accessible for some time now. This should make it easier to climb the next Gauntlet more reliably compared to before - especially if you find yourself in a tough, competitive group.

Glory points received from Battle Arena and Campaign victories increased 2 → 4 (daily cap from battles remains the same at 60 Glory)

In addition to making the Gauntlet system a bit more relaxed, we felt, with everything there is to do in the game, reaching the daily Glory cap to meaningfully progress through Gauntlets each week was a big ask. Thus we reduced it to a much more comfortable number of 15 battles required to reach it. We hope this allows for more players to enjoy Ascensions and different activities in the game.

Start building your Season IX decks and good luck in battle, Heroes!