[Official] Balance Changes - LIVE NOW!

Balance changes are now live, Heroes!

Having released the version 2.1.0, we are working on introducing the following balance patch on June 18th. The time for another balance update has come and we have been analyzing the data and player feedback to assess which units need tweaking in the current meta. With a bigger focus on Minions but touching upon Spells too, we hope these changes will open up room for more deck experiments and more competitive battles. You will notice we give some buffs to Minions which have been underperforming or even forgotten for a while.

Continue reading for more info on each! :point_down:

Primal Spirit

  • Base Health: 920 → 1005
  • Base Damage: 370 → 400

Fire Imp

  • Base Special Effect Damage: 160 → 175

Fire Imp should be able to always remove Swarm units of the same level, even when they are powered up - this is more to keep this consistency, but also to provide a slight buff.

Wisp Mother

  • Base Heal HP: 140 → 150

Water Elemental

  • Base Health: 665 → 720
  • Base Damage: 80 → 85


  • Base Health: 1900 → 1835
  • Base Damage: 230 → 225


  • Base Health: 1740 → 1590
  • Base Damage: 725 → 635
  • Base Special Effect Damage: 1200 → 1300

Hellfiend is quite special in that he is a very rare unit that can be spawned anywhere, deep in the enemy territory. We notice that he is often used in this fashion to attack the portal directly, and not so much for countering ranged units. While we like this trick, we feel it can be a bit frontloaded and too strong. We decided to weaken the Portal backstab strategy by weakening his stats, but improve his special ability to compensate.


  • Base Health: 755 → 715
  • Base Damage: 300 → 285

Phase Assassin

  • Base Health: 690 → 705
  • Base Damage: 1375 → 1770

Phase Assassin was underperforming, even after her previous buff. We want her to live up to her name and be a true assassin, able to one-shot most non-tank units, so we boosted her attack further.

Nature Guardian

  • Base Health: 1900 → 1840
  • Base Damage: 705 → 635

Nature Guardian remains a top tier Minion. He is one of the strongest duelists in the game, and remains a strong play in many situations, and we believe he will remain to be so even after this stat decrease - but at least he should feel less oppressive at times.


  • Base bonus HP per unit: 130 → 125


  • Base Health: 480 → 570
  • Base Damage: 320 → 380


  • Base Health: 10780 → 10145
  • Base Damage: 1540 → 1535

While several counterplay options exist, facing an Abomination without having one at hand shouldn’t be an automatic death sentence.

Blade Dancer

  • Base Health: 675 → 640

Crystal Colossus

  • Base Health: 6255 → 6520
  • Base Damage: 3910 → 5930

Colossus has been a niche unit for quite a while, not being used all that much, and when he would be - it was mostly for his tanking capabilities. We want to let creative players unlock his aggressive potential.


  • Base Special Attack Damage: 290 → 340

Crow’s special ability is not easy to utilize and usually doesn’t do enough. We want her to be more about this ability as that is what separates her from other ranged Minions.

Soul Leech

  • Base bonus HP/Damage per unit: 130 → 125


  • Base Health: 385 → 355
  • Base Damage: 125 → 115

Similarly to Nature Guardian, Revenant is too effective at too many situations, and his win rate in Legendary Arena is the highest of any Minion in the game.

Prince Vindur

  • Base Health: 2115 → 2315
  • Base Damage: 620 → 610

Vindur’s casting animation is lengthy, and makes him often die in an encounter with other melee minions before he can pull it off. HP increase should allow for his dash to occur more often - which is what he is all about.


Soul Burn
Soul Burn

  • Cooldown: 45 → 40 seconds
  • Starting Cooldown: 25 → 20 seconds

Soul Burn remains barely used, and for a solid reason. A cooldown decrease should make it easier to utilize this more strategic damage Spell.


Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart

  • Cooldown: 35 → 40 seconds

We really like how Frozen Heart creates a different playstyle from most other Spells, however, playing against it can feel oppressive, and stats do show some over-use. 5 seconds more of breathing time should help in overcoming Noëlla’s strong defenses.

Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze

  • Freeze Duration: 8 → 7.5 seconds


Alay’na has been underperforming for a while, so we decided to give some of her less effective Spells a needed boost.


  • Starting Cooldown: 10 → 5 seconds

Giant Growth
Giant Growth

  • Cooldown: 30 → 25 seconds

Rhino Charge
Rhino Charge

  • Cooldown: 40 → 35 seconds
  • Starting Cooldown: 25 → 20 seconds