Not receiving my glory points

I’ve done campaign and battle events and battle arenas and the game will not give me anymore glory points for name us BeyondDeath on heroic games plz make this rite

There’s a cap of 60 per day.

Thanks for that info but I need to know rite here on this pic why I can’t claim my fearless leader ascension I have the 1 point for it.


To be able to ascend Fearless Leader that’s located in the second tier of ascensions you need to get promoted to the Silver gauntlet. I see in the bottom right corner of your screenshot that you were in the Bronze gauntlet, which is why the second tier of ascensions was locked. If you got promoted to the Silver gauntlet today, the higher tier of ascensions with Fearless Leader and other Minions should be unlocked. Same goes for the last tier of ascensions with Immortal Knight - you need to get promoted to the Gold gauntlet to unlock him for ascending.

You can find more info in-game or this Forum page. Hope this helps!