No pay no gain in this game so sad so sad

Hi guys. Just wanted to raise my voice on this matter. Im not a payer im a grinder. Been grinding since the beginning. Where im from 1 usd is equal to 20 nam dollars. You devs made a fun game into a must pay to win game. Been in the guild Sons of Anarchy for a long time too. We never reached lvl 20 in boss raid because most of us are not payers. How will we get those legendary minions you give as rewards? In the past the LHS event gave a mythic chest when you reached a certain amount of skull tokens. I got queen oba that way and she’s the only one ive gotten so far!! The prices for mythic and legendary minions NOW are way too crazy!! Hiw will i ever reach 20000 or 12000 or even 5000 when you take all my hard earned phoenix tokens and replace it with stupid chests???