Nice new matchmaking

Devs r u seriously? U making 1 step forward and 5 backward with each move. This new matchmaking when u facing bot (almost all matches vs bots - u can see same moves each match) with much less trophies with much higher minions and if u win u r getting like +6-12 trophies and if u lose u will get -40-60 trophies. Stop making this unbalanced game worse with each changes or stop making games at all - it’s not yours. I’ve recommended this game to all my friends and now they suppose to play this s#!t. If u will continue making gameplay more awful u will lose one more nerd-donate player, f√©k it.

I disagree with you bro. This MM is good improvement! Finally playing against real pp and it chalage! Whats good point when I face pp with 200troohy and more and loose a loose -10 point. Whrn win i take 40. Ofc it can be better but this is much better then before.
It’s my opinion :slight_smile:

Stop crying dude and play smart )))

I guess u r playing at 1k, right? Smart boy

Frankenstejn, r u rly so naive? How “real player” can have the same trophies every time after winning or loosing a couple of matches? Their moves ar mirrored each game.

2,6 boy )) and u? I know it’s hard against bots but its interesting… And u are donating so u have lvl 9 cards and u open dem all so what’s problem?

Before the last changes of MM i was on 6k but now i’m on 5.5k. I’m on 7 lvl minions and my default opponent is 9 lvl skills and minions on 4-5k trophies. It’s not challenging but almost impossible to win when your every minion losing to the same type of minion but +2 lvls. I like challenges but when it’s possible to beat them. I’m not enjoying of losing almost every game cuz of lvls. Yes i have much more trophies then other guys with minions lvl like mine.
Options for solution :

  1. Compete players with same lvl of minions and skills.
  2. Same trophies.
  3. Both.
    And then if u r winning like each game or streak of 5 wins for example then u can randomise stronger opponent with a bigger prize of trophies.
    But for this moment my last 30 games was :
    6k trophies (lvl 7 minions and 2 legendaries lvl 9) vs 4.5k trophies (lvl 9 minions and 4 legendaries 9-10 lvl) and i’m getting -45 trophies or something like that.
    Next game almost the same but my opponent has 4.2k trophies and lvl 8 minions and i’m somehow winning from him (sweaty game) and i’m receiving like 7 trophies.
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It isnt problem of MM but balance problem.
In my game MM is OK can be better OFC but still better than nochalangin bot