New update is killing the game for me

Hello, i’ve said it a lot of times before, i love this game and i think you guys have done a great job so far but this last update its killing my motivation to log in and play. It was already tedious logging in every 3 hours to unlock basic reward chests, but now i have to log in every 90 min for something that i dont even consider worth calling a reward. It kills all the excitement and not only that, now you cant even go to sleep and wake up the next morning with a nice 8 or 12 hour chest. Right now i only feel its worth logging in once every 8 hrs to open my free chests and to get my victory chest. My clan felt the same way, so please consider reverting it or at least allow for the game to automatically start unlocking the next lowest timer chest. As a side note, it would be great to know your chance for epic and legendary cards on every chest.

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Killing game is hard world but agree with you! This change is very bad!


agree, besides of that i bought some gems for opening these chests. now my money have half value than before.

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Talking about kill gaming features… What about the Last Man Standing Limited offer? Now only the people that pay top cash have access to mythic cards and resources.