New update changes

How is it fair to new players that I get to open chest in double the time old players used to have? This means that my chances to have decent cards has been decreased by 50% which is ridiculous. At least if u double the time u should double the drop percentage of Legendary cards. I only got 4 legendary cards and they were 2 Punisher and 2 Phase assassin and both are garbage. I get my butt handed to around 4k+ trophies as everybody has all the Legendary cards already, not to mention that i get matched with 2k+ power more than me. Sorry for the long post I just needed to vent out.

I agree with you!! If time is increased, the acquisition rate should be increased accordingly!

The acquisition rate is increased. New chests drop significantly more stuff than the old ones. Also, punisher and phase assassin are not garbage at all.

I think he mainly refers to the acquisition rate of gold card? Lol

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I’m talking about legendary cards, and Punisher and phase assassin are nothing when i do my best and the opponent come up with the firewitch to insta kill me, with the help of Nature guardian and soulleech, and of course there is Queen Oba everywhere. It doesn’t matter what synergy i have they always have the upper hand and its kinda frustrating =/

No they don’t. I got to 4160 trophies with 0 legendary in my deck (my units were lvl 8 and a few lvl 7).

Yes some legendaries are strong, but chances are if you get matched against them, you can beat them. Because that’s how the trophy system works. If someone has way stronger cards than you, but they’re at your trophy level, that means they’re a much worse player and you still have a good chance to win.

Also, phase assassin is a very good card after the 2.0 update (it is now only 5 mana).

It’s in every game that top tier player slack in early divisions so they get easy wins and lose some intentionally so they stay within the same trophy range, plus the LEGENDARY phase assassin gets raped by ordinary level 9 blade dancer lol. Firewitch specifically ruin the game balance and most of the time i end up loaing with the opponent having 30 HP on his portal

What? Phase assassin wins 1v1 against blade dancer. I just checked stats of my 5/5 lvl 8 blade dancer and my 2/5 lvl 9 phase assassin. Blade dancer has 1381 health, phase assassin has 1398 damage. Meaning phase assassin oneshots the blade dancer from stealth without even taking damage.

If blade dancer is higher level, it’s no longer a oneshot, but phase assassin still kills the blade dancer, unless she was already out of stealth.

Also, no, top players do not intentionally sit in low trophies. That would be stupid because you get lower rewards and less progress.

I said it was level 9 Blade dancer, i know level 8 can’t kill phase assassin but I’m talking about how helpless that Legendary card is. We are drifting from the main point here i guess, all I’m saying is that now It’ll take me double the time to acquire any of those Legendary cards if i ever was lucky enough to get some in the first place

Well, you’re wrong. If you had read the update notes, you would know that timers have not simply been doubled, drop rates have been increased too.