New Legendary not received when redeeming Phoenix tokens

User ID: 2rrvtirbpc
Time of issue: 6:15am PST on 5/13/20

I am HOPING this is a bug issue. My account is in Arena 6 and has 8 different potential Legendary minions unlocked.

I have only gotten 1 Legendary in the game so far. That is the Punisher Legendary.

I played insane hours in events to earn Phoenix Tokens and redeemed 6,000 tokens on “Mystery Legendary” in the event store. . . and received ANOTHER Punisher.

8 potential Legendaries. 4 Punisher Legendaries received from regular chest. And 1 Punisher Legendary received from 6,000 Phoenix token “Mystery Legendary purchase”.

There is a disclaimer that “Buying Mystery Cards can give you new Minions…if you’re lucky enough!”

I don’t believe that I am JUST unlucky. Something is wrong. Please review my account and the purchase at that approximate time stamp.

lol…u wonder?
I just did play last hero standin but was fully wasting of time
did hope i will get a new epic minion
but no…pfff…just got one (mother whisper) tht i already had before
u can be better player if u pay money
these company do not care ur problems…absolutelly just a greedy p2w game
thx nordeus for this unfair game