New Events Suggestion : League of Champions & Guild Cup

I think that game would be way more interesting with these 2 features.
For example there could be a Guild Cup where every guild member compete with each other in order to become Guild Champion.

And afterwards there should be a Championship League made solely out of Guild Champions.
Or a number of top players ranking from each of top ranking guilds if there are no enough active players etc
Entrance condition in a Championship League for each guild could also be successful victory in a Spider Guild Event.

Absolute Champion of the Championship League could also be promoted on a Main Page Menu as a special reward for his achievement.

I like the idea of Guild champions maybe in adittion to some sort of guild vs guild event, although it should be kept separated from spider they have nothing to do one is PvE the other is PvP.

Well, if you add a condition of completing Spider Guild Event for each guild you automatically filter any non-serious guilds and not only that but promote active playing and cooperation between players inside the guild.

Everybody wants to be Champion, right?
OK, then you have to be serious about the guilds as well.

Good point, but that would limit the number of clans who would participate a lot and some strong guilds choose to not participate on spider on purpose since the gem/gold cost for blessings are too high for the rewards. I made a suggestion in discord il copy here:

How to easily implement Guild vs Guild Event:

  • Lasts 1 week
  • Each clan queue with a 4 players team
  • Each player of the clan can form a team and participate up to 20 times in a guild vs guild fight
  • Teams get matched against a completely random guild team
  • Last Hero Standing Engine is used, there is no bonus round nor bonus minion power per damage dealt
  • Rounds last 5 minutes, portals cant be destroyed and they only show amount of damage received
  • Each player fights once every enemy of the opposing team for a total of 20 minutes
  • At the end of the week, each member of the clan gets rewarded based on group and global leaderboards final positions based on overall dmg dealt by the entire clan
  • Each clan has a tavern showing how many times a player has participated in a guild vs guild team and how much damage he has done (and maybe how much dmg he has taken aswell)