New event or mode suggestion

On behalf of my guild Heroic Legends(with a cool font). We want to suggest a 2v2 chaotic coop mode with four lanes, extended health meter and four heroes to go head to head. It opens up new possibilities of gameplay and strategy with both players either attacking or defending. The four lanes will contain the chaos and give more room for fun gameplay. Guild members can go head to head with other guild members. We would love it if you consider bringing the event/mode(preferably) into fruition. Thank you for the countless hours of fun and we expect more from you

We definitely need a team mode, but 4 lanes would be bad; theres already the problem to be unable to see health bars from Magic Construct and big minions with Alayna’s Giant Growth, not to mention screen size for mobile its already very limited; i dont think it can handle another lane.

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