Nerfing ruined the game

All the nerfing in the last update has ruined this game fire imp was already really weak along the silver archer and about 4 others please think about rebalancing the game… I’ve spent about $45 on it so far…

Uau Silver Archer and other 4 needed nerf!
You are crazy if you think that they don’t need.
So but you are 100% right ab Fire Imp. He is now underpowered.

I agree few of them needed NERF but they went overboard

Hey everyone,

We appreciate the feedback. As with any rebalancing, there’s a lot of data/feedback that goes into every buff/nerf, and the team is regularly keeping an eye on the experience for Heroes across different Arenas. So while there were some changes that were made now, it won’t mean they’re set in stone and won’t re-visit the nerf/buff conversation in the future. :slight_smile: Please keep the suggestions coming.