Nerf juggernaut please

I think juggernaut is to overpowered… He has a ton of health and a ton of damage… If you get him on the field you automatically win the game… I think thats a no skill move, just to stack juggernauts until enemy loses… So PLEASE NERF HIM

I used to think that at lower trophies, but at 4000+ its really rare to see him. It costs too much for what it offers, if anything i think he needs a slight buff.

Real man for 10 mana is underpowered not over! Look at DMG and HP Undead Warlord is more powerful and 2 mana cheaper…

If you want to talk about nerfing, the Abomination needs nerfing. I lose 90% of games when he is played.

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You’ve obviously never seen revenant. Not only is it stronger in every way, it’s also faster.

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Well, legendaries are suposed to be hmm well, legendaries…

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But duude its gonna take a lot time im only on 1000

No i didnt… Im have 1000

I never encountered him i have only 1000

I just dont know how to beat hiiim

You can beat him by Viper or Shadow Hunter

Abandon has rly weakness by Viper :frowning: Or Pixie

Depending how much mana cost :slight_smile: 3mana is weaker than Blade dance for same price. 15 mana yeh is problem (Rhii power)

Juggernaut can only be cast at 10. Revenant is better in every way at 10. Not even considering the fact that you can choose how much mana to use.

Not sure if can win against Shadow Hunter ?

I beat her with goblin marksman