Need help with best decks for Survival mode levels

Hey. I am struggling to get past survival mode levels. Please suggest your best decks for each level of survival mode. I currently am stuck on level 3 of Survival mode , and have 23 minions unlocked. My heroes are all level 1 except Ruul who is level 2.

Please do let me know what best deck I can create for each level. I’ve tried level 3 of survival 10 times so far

I don’t know if you can advance with so low leveled minions to be honest…

lol…u need to pay for this shithead team if u wana win

Ah okay. I just wanted to get to level 10 and get the chest.

Hope its help you. Here is all LVLs

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Hi Frank, that’s good … keep uploading videos always, [LIKE]

Thanks a lot Frank! I’ll go through the video.